Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

Two Female Podcasters Talk About Sex, Layla London of The Curious Girl Diaries & Ruan Willow

September 06, 2022 Ruan Willow/Layla London Season 2 Episode 187
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Two Female Podcasters Talk About Sex, Layla London of The Curious Girl Diaries & Ruan Willow
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Show Notes

Ep 187: Two Female Podcasters Talk About Sex, Layla London of The Curious Girl Diaries & Ruan Willow.

Layla went through a dry spell for sex for years and woke up one day with the intention to explore her sexuality and not lie dormant any longer. She made a sex bucket list and began podcasting about her personal sexual journey.

Layla is open about sexuality as I am so our chat went all over the topics of sexuality including women's sexuality, sex exploration, sex toys, the value of changing sexual positions with a partner and in solo play, and the different types of orgasms we've both experienced. Layla gives insight into sexual relations and masturbation in how to get out of your sexual rut and stave off the boringness of sex. She shares personal info about her sex life and what she thinks is the best lesson she's learned. She also shares about her tradition of doing March Masturbation Madness Month and how that is so valuable to her. And yep, it's all on her podcast! She also talks about why women should give certain sexual ponderings/doings at least a month of dedication. She says we can reset our brains to become more orgasmic, and she discusses how we as women can do this. She stresses the importance for women to make their sexuality a priority and gives us tips on how to keep our libido up. We chatted about our friends at The T&A Podcast and Full Swap Radio.

We also talk about podcasting in the sexuality genre, the challenges, and ideas for success.

 It was an epic chat and soon I will be on her show as a guest!

Connect with Layla London here: https://www.thecuriousgirldiaries.com/
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/thecurious_girl

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Thank you Layla for coming on my podcast!

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