Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

Date Night Sex at the Car Wash

September 09, 2022 Ruan Willow Season 2 Episode 189
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Date Night Sex at the Car Wash
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Ep 189: Date Night Sex at the Car Wash. This is a story I created right off the top of my head as I recorded this episode... basically erotic improv storytelling. I have so much fun! Okay... let's get to it! It's date night for Kate and Darren! They are 38 and 44. Kate has brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and lots of curves that Darren, with a sexy dad body, loves. They've been dating for a while and things are going well for them. They love to challenge each other to grow together in their sexuality. Kate is a bit more daring than Darren, but he's enjoying expanding his boundaries with her. Kate sends him a sext about their date for the evening. She texts this: Surprise me and come on to me in a place you are kind of scared to fool around in but yet intrigued. He agrees to come up with an idea. After much pondering, he comes up with surprising her with fooling around, and hopefully full sex, in a car wash. But he keeps it a secret from her so she's on pins and needles all day waiting. Oh, do they get it on in the car wash! Have a listen and enjoy!

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