Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

Uncompromising Intimacy with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell The Intimacy Doctor

May 19, 2023 Ruan Willow / Alexandra Stockwell Season 3 Episode 274
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Uncompromising Intimacy with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell The Intimacy Doctor
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Ep 274: Uncompromising Intimacy with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell The Intimacy Doctor. This is a very important must-listen-to episode! This is a paramount discussion for those in long-term relationships. Dr. Stockwell shares amazing information, we talk relationships, clit mapping, orgasms, and more! She shares how her sex life was functional and without magic, and she felt time was the missing element, but then when they had more time,  she found out that time wasn't what was needed for sexual magic. She found the key was expanding the capacity to marinate and be mindful, to have an intentional erotic connection and really marinate in the sensual moment together... that was the magic they needed! She talks about how sex is essential and we definitely need that "hydration". We need the heart, the mind, and the genitals to meld. A conflict-free, passion-free relationship is just blah...uncompromising intimacy is the key to busting that ho-hum existence. We shouldn't compromise! Sharing the truth of who we are with our partners... "it's not swiss cheese, baby!", it's about being unconditional versus conditional. We talked about the myth of the mismatched libido in relationships, and what that really means. She discussed the difference between spontaneous desire and responsive desire. She expressed how everything that isn't sex functions as foreplay and the importance of calibrated attention to your partner. We talked about the variation, intensity, and nature of all the possible manifestations of the female orgasm. We discussed clit stroking and the differentiations of sensitivity across the female clit. We chatted about clitoral mapping! And how women can divide their clitoris into the face of a clock to explore sensation along the external clitoral head. Women, explore your feminine orgasmic energy as you evaluate sensation around your sex organ. Dr. Stockwell talked about how females tend to have a lot of unconsciousness when it comes to our genitals, so we all need to embark on the sexploring journey. She also talked about how erotica is a fantastic tool for couples to include in foreplay, especially if the woman is already enjoying reading it on her own. She has a course about how emotional intimacy leads to more sex, and better sex! Get her book Uncompromising Intimacy and visit her website https://www.alexandrastockwell.com

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Interview with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell
(Cont.) Interview with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell