Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

FFM Dressing Room Rendezvous Hookup Part 2

August 09, 2023 Ruan Willow Season 3 Episode 309
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
🔒 FFM Dressing Room Rendezvous Hookup Part 2
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FFM Dressing Room Rendezvous Hookup Part 2. Alicia and Cameron are on a mission for exhibitionistic sex at the mall. Alicia is thirsting for her first girl-on-girl action. This thrills Cameron and he's all in. They are really hoping to find a willing third to add to their fun. They plan to visit a lingerie shop and search for someone interested in some dressing room fun. There's this salesgirl who is eyeing them up... Alicia gets what she's been waiting for and more! It's a delicious ending to a hot steamy sexy pleasurable union!

This erotic audio story with erotic rom com elements was narrated by Ruan Willow and In My Hands Audio. This audio story will soon be published in the Anthology Decadent Erotica, which will be available on Amazon, Spotify, Barnes and Noble, Audiobooks, Kobo, Google Play, and more!

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