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Yours Until Midnight: A Free Use Romance Story & Interview with Author Hardison Parker

September 12, 2023 Ruan Willow / Hardison Parker Season 3 Episode 326
Yours Until Midnight: A Free Use Romance Story & Interview with Author Hardison Parker
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
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Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Yours Until Midnight: A Free Use Romance Story & Interview with Author Hardison Parker
Sep 12, 2023 Season 3 Episode 326
Ruan Willow / Hardison Parker

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Ep 326: Yours Until Midnight: A Free Use Romance Story & Interview with Author Hardison Parker. Listen to Ruan narrate a sexy story, then stay for the author interview, where they discuss writing, erotica, erotic topics, and the writing and publishing process. Hardison Parker writes fiction on the following topics: BDSM, shibari, hotwives, Dom/sub, group sex, sexy vampires, and LGTBTQ+. Other discussion topics are the fundamental dynamics in a Dom/sub relationship and writing about them to reflect reality, responsibly, culture, sexuality, romance and love, and so much more!

 Yours Until Midnight A Free Use Romance http://mybook.to/YoursUntilMidnight

Book blurb: Alone and starving for intimacy and physical touch during the holidays, Amber agrees to be shared and used for her long-lost best friend's pleasure.

Amber hates the holidays. While everyone else is cuffing up, she always ends up alone. Things may be looking up when she receives a message from her childhood friend Jimmy, who is in town just until New Year's morning. Their reunion gets hot and heavy when Jimmy proposes that they spend his last day in town together. One catch: Amber will submit to Jimmy's every desire.

links: webpage-       www.intrigueverse.com

         Author page-  https://author.to/HardisonParker

         Medium-        https://medium.com/@hardisonparker

         X(twitter) -      Hparker_Author

         Tiktok -           https://www.tiktok.com/@hardisonparker

         Instagram-     https://www.instagram.com/h.parker_author/

Neighborhood Sex Secrets
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Ep 326: Yours Until Midnight: A Free Use Romance Story & Interview with Author Hardison Parker. Listen to Ruan narrate a sexy story, then stay for the author interview, where they discuss writing, erotica, erotic topics, and the writing and publishing process. Hardison Parker writes fiction on the following topics: BDSM, shibari, hotwives, Dom/sub, group sex, sexy vampires, and LGTBTQ+. Other discussion topics are the fundamental dynamics in a Dom/sub relationship and writing about them to reflect reality, responsibly, culture, sexuality, romance and love, and so much more!

 Yours Until Midnight A Free Use Romance http://mybook.to/YoursUntilMidnight

Book blurb: Alone and starving for intimacy and physical touch during the holidays, Amber agrees to be shared and used for her long-lost best friend's pleasure.

Amber hates the holidays. While everyone else is cuffing up, she always ends up alone. Things may be looking up when she receives a message from her childhood friend Jimmy, who is in town just until New Year's morning. Their reunion gets hot and heavy when Jimmy proposes that they spend his last day in town together. One catch: Amber will submit to Jimmy's every desire.

links: webpage-       www.intrigueverse.com

         Author page-  https://author.to/HardisonParker

         Medium-        https://medium.com/@hardisonparker

         X(twitter) -      Hparker_Author

         Tiktok -           https://www.tiktok.com/@hardisonparker

         Instagram-     https://www.instagram.com/h.parker_author/

Neighborhood Sex Secrets
Buy links (affiliate links, podcast may receive a small commission on sales):
Decadent Erotica: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/decadenteroticaaudiobook
The Limo Sex Challenge novella book 5 of 6: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/thelimosexchallenge
Ruan's Books, Audiobooks: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/

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Hello, this is Ruan Willow with the Oh Fck Yeah with Ruan Willow podcast.

Welcome to my podcast where I talk about sex and sexuality.

I have guests on, like today, I have erotica romance author Hardison Parker, Intrigue Verse.

if you're under 18 it is time to leave the podcast now because this is about sex and sexuality erotica erotic romance something that is near and dear to my heart because i also write it i have the limo sex challenge the fifth book in my erotic rom-com series is released and that series is almost done i have one more book in it to come and then the series will be complete

6 novellas so the limo sex challenge is live get it if you are interested in reading about that and Give me a review and a rating if you do it really helps me out neighborhood sex secrets is my biggest Erotic romance that is now live and you can get that one as well.

It will be coming soon in paperback and audiobook But right now it's an e-book you can find on multiple online sellers also have a lot of audiobooks that I narrate so

You can find the links to those down in the podcast show notes if you would like to support me and would like some hot spicy yummy stuff to read and listen to.

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Okay my guest today is Hardison Parker of Intrigue Verse.

He writes erotic romance weaving interesting stories in steamy passion into a work of art.

He has the book Yours Until Midnight A Free Use Romance which I'm going to narrate a little excerpt of for you and he has The Million Dollar Trick releasing on September 18th and The Hot Wife Bitten releases on October 12th.

He writes about BDSM, Shibari, Hot Wives, Dumb, Sub, Group Sex, Sexy Vampires, LGTBTQ+, and more.

So we talk about writing for medium and you can find him on Twitter at hparker underscore author, TikTok Hardison Parker, Instagram h.parker underscore Hardison, and on Mastodon he is hparker underscore author.

and you can also find him on Medium as I said he writes there as well so I will put his links down in the podcast show notes but let's get into the excerpt it's pretty hot it's a sexy one and then we'll do the interview so stay tuned have fun check out his books oh fck yeah let's go

I have an excerpt from Yours Until Midnight by Hardison Parker available on Amazon in pre-sale, soon to be released.

The short ride to my place was filled with me giving him directions while he gushed over his baby car.

Damn, it was so easy to talk to this man.

We parked in front of my townhome.

I was more nervous to let Jimmy into my home than I was if I picked up a stranger.

After dropping my keys twice, I blamed it on the wine we had at dinner.

I managed to open the door, all the time praying I hadn't left any unmentionables lying around the living room.

Nice place, Aime.

Jimmy said as he stepped into my home.

I sighed with relief as the room was mostly presentable.

Have a seat, I said.

Can I get you a drink?

Just water, please.

I don't want to be dropping any of my keys.


His exclamation coincided with the impact of the snowman throw pillow I hurled at him.

I grabbed a bottle from the kitchen and tossed it to him as I headed upstairs to try on the dress.

Part of me was hoping he would follow and ravish me in the bedroom, but he still showed no interest.

I felt like I was losing my touch.

The dress would be a huge test.

I undressed quickly, standing in front of the mirror naked.

The low-cut form-fetting gown left no room for a bra.

As for panties, whether I wore them or not, it was up to Jimmy whether he got to see what was under the silk, so I went without.

I checked the mirror.

I looked damn good, not just for someone who was thirty.

My still perky C-cups were pushed together nicely by the thin underwire in the chest.

My thighs were a little pale against the black material, but it framed my leg nicely.

I walked gingerly down the stairs, still a bit dizzy from the alcohol and the strange euphoria I was feeling in my old friend's presence.

How do I look?

Jimmy took his hands from his eyes.

Holy Fck Aim, you are the one who grew up nice.

I smiled.

It was the first compliment he gave me.

The dress worked better than I thought.

I wasn't oblivious to the bulge forming beneath his khakis.

He stood, strode over to me, circling me so he could get a view of my body from all angles.

Jeff and Ellie grew up.

His hand gripped my shoulder lightly.

I was trembling, frozen where I stood.

I was acutely aware of how good he smelled.

I felt my nipples stiffen.

As he spoke, his hand traced my shoulder blade until it rested at the base of my neck.

If he was a random guy, I might have been scared of his intentions.

But this was Jimmy, the same Jimmy who used to bathe with me when we were five.

Instead, I felt every touch like a bolt of electricity from his fingers to my core.

It was refreshing for someone else to take the lead.

Remember how we said goodbye?

He said his voice soft as he leaned toward my ear.

Yes, you kissed me.

I know.

I still think about that kiss.

I didn't want to leave.

I didn't want you to go.

Is it okay if I do it again?

You mean go?

Ha ha.

He laughed.

No silly.

The kiss.

I spun, my body yearning for his lips on mine.

He caught me by the arms, steadying me.

Time moved in slow motion as his lips neared mine until they were on me.

It started slow, the same slightly open-mouthed kiss from thirteen years ago.

It was beautiful.

My already wet fold seemed to dampen further.

It lasted only about four seconds, but when he pulled away I felt my body move toward him.

I felt a hunger.

Didn't he feel it too?

Hey, how did that feel?

Jimmy's voice was low, commanding.

I shivered.

How could he not tell?

My face went flush.

I knew there was a crimson band on my chest.

Surely he felt my lips yield to his.

Breathless, I managed to say.

Like you never left.

Suddenly his hands were on me, his lips pressed urgently against mine.

He scooped me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist, sending my dress up over my hips.

His hands were firm on my bottom as I squirmed.

This is what I waited for,

I felt a jar when my back hit the wall.

He released my butt and leaned in, pressing me against the wall.

I felt his erection against me separated from my burning desire by his cotton pants.

Without his hands supporting me, my legs were slipping, so I released him, dropping them to the floor.

Jimmy took advantage, and suddenly my arms were pinned over my head by his right hand as his tongue eagerly probed my mouth.

I was only partly aware that my dress was bunched around my waist, that is until his left hand slid over my mound.

I silently cursed myself for not trimming my unruly lending strip, but he didn't seem to notice.

I gasped as his fingers spread my folds, sliding slowly through my wet until they were drenched.

My entire body exploded when his fingers finally brushed my clit.

A squeak escaped my lips.

Do you want me to stop?

Jimmy's fingers kept moving making it difficult for me to speak but I managed a breathless gasp.


You're so wet.

I wanted to say something.

You read in romance novels but his fingers were taking me places I hadn't reached in a long time.

I was so used to being with people who had no idea what they were doing, training them.

Suddenly I found myself with someone who seemed to know exactly what to say, what to do.

I bit my lip to choke back another yelp as he slipped a finger into my core.

His other hand left my wrist.

but kept them crossed over my head.

He slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulder until the dress fell to my waist.

I must have been a sight with my fancy black silk bunched up at my waist while his right hand crushed my left breast and his left hand fed my dripping need.

My pebbled nubs pressed against the smooth palm of his hands.

My orgasm was seconds away.

All I could do was repeat.


Oh Fck yes!

Over and over.

Then he stopped.

His fingers were still inside me, his hands still squeezing my breast.

But all movement had ceased.


I cried, my pussy puckering as if to suck his fingers.

He slid his fingers from my cunt slowly and carefully so he didn't make me cum.

I was so close, but his hand on my breast and his legs pressed against mine kept me from doing more than a pathetic hip thrust as I tried to maintain contact.

Soon his hand appeared in front of our faces, the sexiest string of my juices stretched between his index finger and his middle fingers as his entire hand glistened.

I knew he was going to make me taste myself.

Although cliche, at that moment it was the hottest thing he could have done.

My lip trembled as his finger approached.

He spread my nectar on the outside of my lips before slipping sideways into my mouth.

I had tasted myself before, but it seemed sweeter on his fingers.

His lips crushed against mine, the sticky finger enveloped by our kiss as he tasted me for the first time.

You taste so good.

He pulled back, leaving me suckling on his finger.

You want to orgasm, don't you?

You're close.


I hissed.

You need to know something first.

I'm only here for the weekend.

I know that.

You told me.

I was panting so hard like a puppy begging for a snack.

My plane leaves Sunday morning, but I want to see you again tomorrow.

I have a fancy party to attend.

I want you to join me.

Put that dress to use.

Of course.

I will.

I would love to.

There is one condition.

I have thought of this moment for thirteen years.

I want to explore every inch of you.

If I could get out of the party I would, but it is hosted by my boss and he insisted I attend.

I want you to.

I'll do anything.

Even be free use for me all day tomorrow?

What's free use?

I had heard the term but was unsure what it meant.

It means, at least for us right now, that from dawn to midnight tomorrow, any time I want you, any way I want you, you have to say yes.

Whether it is in a fancy hotel room,

A gas station bathroom or a stage in front of guests at the party.

You cannot say no.

Well you can say no but if you do I call a car for you to go home.

His hand was stroking my breast again twisting my nipples.

What if I have a hard limit?

You have the rest of the night to make a list of your hard limits.

And if things get too crazy

and you find a new one, just say limit and I will stop whatever is happening.

My arousal had plateaued, but the idea of being Jimmy's sex toy for a day was bringing it back with a vengeance.

Yes, I agree.

I'm yours.

Dawn till midnight.

Say it.

Fck Jimmy, yes, yours until midnight.

Suddenly his cock pressed against my cunt, pushing past the stickiness until it met resistance.

I hadn't realized he had removed his pants, nor had I anticipated how thick he was.

But I was ready.

I finally let my arms down from over my head and wrapped them around his neck, pulling his face to mine.

His hands returned to my bottom, lifting my legs off the floor.

I wrapped them around his waist.

This position allowed him the leverage he needed to penetrate me, and I screamed in pleasure as he stretched me wide.

The way he kissed me, I knew he was as close as I was.

I was at his mercy.

As he slammed his hardness into me, my body suspended between him and the wall.

His tongue thrust deep into my throat.

He tasted sweet.

Then I felt it.

Powerful surge starting in the back of my core and radiating through my body in waves.

Oh Fck me!

I screamed as I came.

I felt him twitching inside me followed by a different liquid than my own dripping out of me and I knew he had reached his climax as well.

But he kept pumping for a while until he had softened too much to maintain penetration.

I don't know what had gotten into me

But as he pulled out, I dropped to my knees and began licking his half-erect cock clean.

I savored our mingled juices as I licked him.

My guesstimate had been correct.

He was thicker than the men I had been with and longer than average.

I wish I had known what he had hid beneath his parachute pants in high school.

I might have lost my virginity much earlier.

I felt him harden in my mouth and sucked harder, hoping he would deliver a load down my throat.

I truly loved giving head.

But his watch beeped, and he gently cradled my head, lifting me to my feet.

As much as I would like to continue, it is 11 p.m.

You have to get some sleep before our date begins.

Do you have some paper?

I pulled my dress back into position, knowing how slutty I was to look.

At least my walk of shame was just going to be upstairs.


In the drawer.

I pointed at the small table in the hallway.

He grabbed a pad and my favorite green pen, and he scribbled a lengthy note, then folded it into a small square.

He scribbled on the second page, then turned it into an identical square.


When you wake, shower.

Before you get dressed, read the one marked number one.

Don't read two until I tell you.

I nodded, my curiosity already trying to convince me he would never know if I opened them until I looked and saw the intricate pattern he had used to seal the square.

I could barely fold a fitted sheet, no way I could ever replicate his handiwork.

He smiled, kissed me on the forehead, and said goodbye.

Before he left, he asked for my phone and set the alarm for 8am.

I'll pick you up at ten.

Be ready.

Oh, and don't touch yourself.

As I closed the door, I leaned against it, catching my breath from the whirlwind fck I had just had.

I was still dripping, though I was not certain whether it was Jimmy's come or my anticipation of tomorrow.

Oh, very sexy.

Well, that's the end of the excerpt.

All right, baby.

Are you ready for the interview?

Oh, fck yeah.

Let's do it.

Let's go.

And don't forget to pick up this book on Amazon.

Links down in the podcast show notes where you can get this book for yourself and find out what else these two sexy people do.

Free use.

Oh damn, what a fcking sexy idea.

Sounds like some damn good fun roleplay, doesn't it?

Let's go.

Hello everybody.

I'm so excited.

I am going to talk to another erotica author which I love to do.

I love to talk to authors and especially erotica authors because we're a different subset.

We're a different, I don't know, we're just awesome and somehow are just a different category of writers and it's just really amazing.

I am going to introduce you to Hardison Parker.

Do you go by IntrigueVerse2 or is that just your website?

Um, that's my website.


So Hardison Parker is who you go by as an author?



Okay everyone I'm excited to introduce you to Hardison Parker who writes erotic romance as I said and he enjoys weaving interesting stories and steamy passion into a work of art.

I love that.

And he often writes about BDSM, shibari, fat wives, dumb sub, group sex, sexy vampires, and LTBTQ, I have a hard time saying that, LGTBTQ+.

I think I made it.

Anything else you want to add to that list?

Because that's what I got from Amazon.

Is that anything else you'd like to add to that list?

No, I like to just keep it across the board.

I don't like to stick to any one thing and some people say that's a bad thing but my readers seem to like it.

You know, I'm with you.

And the reason I am the same way as you is I'm not that narrow in what I like.

So I think most people have a wide range of kinks that they like.

So why I don't understand the whole focusing in on just one particular thing.

And I think I would actually get bored of that.

I like to do multiple things.

I was just going to say that I get bored if I write the same type of story every time.

Right I feel like I would I would feel like it kind of would be like a cage you know like you have to do the same thing every time and be like oh well I just did this you know like I don't think I would like it.

Yeah me neither and some people do different stories under different pen names but you know I work during the day and I come home at night and I really don't have time to market for more than one pen name.

You know I wish I did.

I think that's hard.

and you know I don't I honestly I know some people say you should you know niche your writing and you know fall into a specific genre or niche but I don't know that I agree because I think if someone likes your writing they are no one has just one kink that they love so you're giving them something from you know multiple areas that exciting and fun so I don't think it's a bad thing at all personally.

Then we're on the same page.

So tell me what brought you to writing Erotica?

What was like your aha moment?

Like I need to do this.

This is what I want to do.

Oh, it's a funny story.

I was talking to someone on Twitter who I was interested in, and they were a writer of a romance novel.

And it was a spicy romance novel.

And we got talking and somehow it became a thing where I said I could do this.

And so I started writing my first book.

It took me five years to write it.

It was a labor of both love and the roller coaster relationship that my friend and I had.

And then it came out and then I learned how not to publish books.

Which I really think everyone who does it without doing a lot of research finds out.

Your first book is usually a difficult publication.

I was lucky because Twitter has a very friendly writing community and I got advice from some people, I changed the cover and I got advice from more people and I decided to start doing shorter books and it sort of all came together.

Yeah I think you know a lot of people talk about how erotica books are so short and it's really interesting because so so I've like put my feelers out into other areas getting reviewers and that's one of their complaints is that it's a short it's a short piece so it's interesting how it's sort of a subset thing that in erotica short pieces tend to be more what people are interested in I think that's really interesting don't you is it and so you found that as well?

Yeah for the most part I think so.

I think it's because a lot of the people who read erotica don't really care much about the story.

I mean I write erotica with a lot of story.

Even my spiciest books have story to them.

Some people just throw the not story part in there and that's their whole book.

But yeah I find people want a short read.

I don't know if it's because they figure they're just gonna need a break at some point.

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

Right and again I'm just like you I've written short things and I've written long things like I just released an erotic romance that is in the 80,000 word mark so I'm all across the board too because I want to offer things of different levels because there are people that want different lengths of works especially you know in any genre but especially I find that in erotica in erotic romance yeah

and it's funny because for romance novels by themselves there's this whole trope of what you're supposed to do yeah which i hate oh i hate it and i don't do it but no i don't either it's just a funny trope because you have to do the meet cute and then they have to have a something to separate them and you don't have that in erotica you get to write whatever you want as long as you keep it hot so i kind of like that

Yes I like that freedom too.

I hate the whole it has to follow this.

This again I feel caged in just like we were talking about earlier with sticking to a niche.

I don't want to be caged in like that and I don't think that I mean I don't know as a reader I don't think I want an exact formula for every book.

Like you know I know what I want in books and I know what I don't but I don't feel like it has to follow a specific formula like a lot of romance books do.

Right and that's because the romance readers have gotten together and decided that someone wrote a successful book and they liked it and then they wrote the roadmap for it and that became the roadmap for all romance books so reviewers in the romance genre are looking for that roadmap and locks authors into this pattern and I'm not super comfortable with that.

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

I'm sorry, go ahead.

No, no, no, please go ahead.

I'm dissing on romance authors.

There are some very good romance authors out there and I love reading their books.

But, you know, it's just getting locked into that pattern is the thing that I'm not thrilled with.

And I wrote a book that was along the romance lines, my first one that I wrote in that area.

And it didn't do so well because the audience that was reading it was the romance readers and I wasn't following their pattern that they wanted.

So I ended up having to write an epilogue and a prologue just to clean it up for them.

And I told them I'm not going to do that again.

You know, I'm going to stick to something where I can have my freedom.

Oh, exactly.

You know, I don't know.

Like I said, I was talking to this person that's

I was trying to say I was talking about this person that is she's an expert in sexology and all this kind of stuff about sex and and you know she's got a PhD she's got all these degrees just like the human brain likes novelty and we seek that out if we continue to keep doing the same things over and over again and there's not enough of a difference the brain gets bored and so I feel like throwing erotica in there


When I see people give those kind of reviews I'm like you realize it's erotica right?

I mean it's there are different levels of erotica of course there's erotic romance there's erotica and I think there's smut but still it's like you realize you're not reading a regular romance novel so I get kind of annoyed at reviewers who who try to lump it in there with romance because it doesn't fit there.

Right but I think what happens the most is people who like to read the romance novels are a lot of people who

They just don't want to admit they like the spicier things.

One, it left their imagination because then they can say, well, this book's fine.

I can leave it here.

My kids can pick it up and it's not so bad.

But in the meantime, in their mind, they're going through the same things that are happening in the other books.

You know, in the spicier books, they're just not seeing it written in so much detail.

It's when it's in so much detail that a lot of people seem to act offended about it.

But they're the same people who are still buying those books and

You know, so.


And so I just think it's funny, too.

It's like there's so many people that want erotica, but it's like so like regulated, like we can't pay for ads on Amazon, yet they'll sell our works, but they won't let us advertise.

And it's just I think it's ridiculous how it's so they can totally funnel it to people

And it's funny because you can

Play with your keywords and maybe tone the book down just a little and put it in the romance category and you can advertise it and it's almost word for word what you would do if you put it in erotica and that's okay.

Just once you call it erotica that it becomes that stigma.

But I do think that Amazon is trying to work something to allow some kind of ads.

That's one of the reasons they're breaking when you register your book now you have to pick erotica categories.

From that and also I'm part of the Amazon Ad Council.

Oh nice!

Anything specifically yet but they're starting to hint at doing something like that where you can have just Amazon, I mean focused ads on just erotica readers.

Oh that's really exciting!

I'm so excited to hear that!

That is awesome!

Can't say that it's actually going to happen but I can say that the rumors are beginning

So I mean the fact that they're thinking about it and maybe potentially willing is a good sign you know I think that's a good sign I do too but I enjoy it so what what is your favorite thing to write about of the topics that I talked about or even something else what's something that really gets you going you're like oh my god I want to write about this do you have one you really enjoy or you really just kind of feel like you enjoy lots of things as we said

Um well I do enjoy lots of things but I'm at heart a fantasy science fiction nut.

So I'm starting to do more in that regard.

I wrote Telepornication which is started as a medium story.

I'm part of a publication on medium called... Damn it.

What is it called?

It's tantalizing tales.

Yeah they let me write series for them every other Friday and I could do like short little series so I use it to experiment and I got into this story about a girl who can teleport but when she does it arouses everyone around her on both ends including herself so it makes for some interesting situations when she gets somewhere and of course she doesn't know how to control it or anything like that and it's also kind of a spy thriller where she's being hunted by people who are going to want to use her power

and so my favorite story to write because it covers a little bit of the sci-fi a little bit of a better story than just someone meets someone and they go have sex so um so yeah i enjoy that and i think i'm going to be doing a little bit more of that in the future

That's awesome yeah I need to do more on Medium I do have some there but you know like you said it's hard to do everything but Medium is such a great place for erotica isn't it?

Like I just was talking with someone on Reddit who's trying to get into rock and I said get yourself on Medium because it's a great platform for erotica.

It is I don't think it's a good platform to make millions

Write your name out there it helps you market your books can make you a couple hundred bucks a month and it really lets you write as long or as short as you want and test things out so I did a 10 story series and then I turned it into a book added a couple extra chapters and it's one of my best-selling books yeah but I like that I also like writing from the dom sub perspective

Generally I write from the female perspective.

Sometimes I switch that up but most of the time I write from the female perspective because I think the readers like that better.

I've been told I do it well.

You know I'm still a man so I'm sure I don't get it 100% right but I've been told I do it very well.

That's awesome.


That's my thing but I do like the Dom Sub.

I do like the BDSM but I don't like the dark side of it.

I don't write humiliation.

I don't write pain.

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

For a while I was fascinated with the whole Bluetooth thing so I wrote a bunch of stuff about that.

Yeah definitely.

Yeah and I think it's just there's so many different things you can do with it and that's I think that's one of the great things about the BDSM category too.

There's such a wide range and a ginormous gradient.

It can be really mild and it can be really severe and everywhere in between.

Exactly and some people don't know that they think of you know BDSM as oh it's just punishment and spanking and

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

The whole splash of the giant book that brought BDSM to the forefront of everyone was great because it brought everyone there but it also gave them the wrong impression that it's actually the sub that has the most power and most people do not realize that.

Right and I always tell someone when they're talking about that book that it's clear the author had not experienced the lifestyle and their writing from what

people think it is rather than what people know it is.


So it's kind of like a double edged sword.

I always feel like it's great that it brought things to light and made things less taboo, but it also gives a wrong impression.

And I've actually never read it or seen the movie because everyone I talked to said it was so poorly written.

So I'm like, well, why am I going to read it or listen to it then or watch it?

Did you?

I did read the first two books and then I just couldn't get into the story after that because

changed from what it was supposed to be to this romance and trying to fix him and there's nothing wrong with a dom I mean there are some really bad doms but oh yeah but oh yeah there's nothing wrong with a dom there's nothing wrong with a sub what there is is a dynamic between the two and then to go and twist it so oh it has to end with a romantic happy ending and

He has to have some bad secret revealed.

It just didn't fit and I think a lot of dangerous things have come out of that book that people don't realize are connected to that but I think there's a lot of potential for some people who read that book to think it allows them to be abused.

Because there's parts of that book where he's abusing her.

Right and that's what I've heard and that's the part that is just disturbing because such a big book that people see this and they think that's this this is how it is so now they have all these misconceptions.


And that's that's I don't know it's really hard to fix that you know like I don't know

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

Yeah, when I write it, they have their happy ending because that's what they want is they want this dom-sub dynamic.

They want to be controlled or they want to do the controlling.

They take care of their partners.

You know, they have the self-care.

They have the after care, but it's not about the damage that that's done afterwards.

It's about

Making it a positive experience.

And that's what I try to do when I, when I write about it is make it a positive experience.

One that goes, Hey, that worked out for them.

I want to feel that if I'm going to get into that.

I'm talking about the BDSM and do you feel like I feel this way too?

I feel like a little bit of what I do, even though I'm writing a story, is that education piece for people?

Because for the very reason you were just talking about, do you feel that as well?

Like you feel like you're doing some actual education for people?

I do, I do.

When I wrote my The Art of Passion series, which is about Shabari, I spent a lot of time researching it before I wrote about it and I tried to work as much of that in as sort of a lesson that this is what it's about, that it's not just tying someone up, it's an art.

And so made my character go through those feelings of how, hey, I can look at myself in the mirror and it's beautiful.

The other thing I really love to do which maybe you do as well because you're writing from a female perspective is to talk about female sexuality and female organs because that's so ignored in the media that how women actually come and that the clitoris is involved and that is a huge part of their sexuality because the way it's portrayed you know it's like oh insert penis oh she comes you know like it's it's it's just so fucked up.

my novels I mean they do come from that eventually but no it's all it's all about the other things exactly and so I love to include that too because you know you know someone reading it might be like oh I I didn't know that or I didn't think of it that way and so I love to like bring that in in the beginning when I first started writing I think I didn't do it as much as I do it now now I'm like now I like almost focus on it and bring it in so that people you know it's like an aha moment for them like oh

Well yeah yeah I like that too you know so kind of trying to break down that stupid you know trope that they have about sexuality that exists in all our damn media.

Yeah and it's unfortunate but what I try whenever I'm writing I try to start at the brain because in all my experience for women it starts with the brain if there's not that mental thing going it doesn't matter what you touch it's not going to work.


and so all my stories start with something i may not like say they're going through the brain but there's always some mental there's some mental attraction going on before it gets to anything else and i wish more people realize that because it would make people's relationships so much better

Oh my gosh yes wouldn't it?

I know I feel like it's like so so many of us in the erotica genre and people who work in sexuality in some way like the sex coaches and all that we're all fighting to teach people these things which is opposite of what our culture and society has taught us and it's so interesting but so also like wonderful to be a part of this movement that is like bringing different things to light and helping people think things in a different way and see that you know what what I saw in that movie last week that's

It's hard for people to get past the male

scientists who spent years telling us what worked and what didn't.

And they had no idea because they didn't consider what the woman was feeling.


So, you know, if more people realize that you need to get women ready mentally, physically, before you get into the direct touching, it would be so much better for all these people.

I read about all the women who don't have orgasms with their

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

Right and when I hear all this too I hear a lot of women who you know in relationships no longer want to have sex it's because they're not being pleasured right they're not orgasming they're not having fucking fun well of course who's going to want to do something they're not having fun doing I mean duh like it's like it's like they just ignore the fact that it doesn't make any sense it's obviously logical that they're bored and they're not enjoying it so you gotta fucking change it up

A Free Use Romance Story Interview with Author Hardison Parker

It's 2023 and there's so many people like just on Twitter who have that philosophy and I'm just like get over it.

You know, this is the way it's going to go.

You can't stop it once once the women woke up.

You can't stop them from from wanting that feeling.

So, you know, you're just going to make it more difficult for yourself and you know, but you have to take time.

You have to learn the person you're with and because it's different for everyone.

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

The lucky I guess lifestyle where I've experienced quite a bit of things most people don't I was a swinger for a number of years So I've experienced quite a bit of what I write about But I've also got ideas of things I want to try or wish I had tried and I write about those too I only got into the Dom sub thing a little bit late in life So I did miss out on a lot of opportunities.

So I do write about that.



And I kind of get angry when people will say things to writers, well, you shouldn't write that if you haven't done it.

Well, I think that's total fcking BS.

Let's see, has Stephen King murdered people?

Has he turned into a crazy person?

Has anybody flown to the fcking moon or Mars?


Okay, that's what fiction's all about.

And also, does that mean I shouldn't fantasize about it if I haven't done it?

Right, what the fck?

I just get pissed at people that say that kind of shit.

I really do.

Yeah but they're all people who are just judgmental.

They want things to be the way they want them to be and you know.

and you know I once was on this podcast and they were like all bent out of shape because I had I wrote about something I hadn't done and I thought you know what maybe my perspective will appeal more to someone who hasn't done what is happening in this and that is still a fckin valid viewpoint because don't we need opinions and experiences all across the fckin gradient in our literature hell yes we do because

I just think that's total BS.

And not only that, you can research it, you can read about it, and you can learn it, you can fantasize about it.

Doesn't mean you have to do it.

I'll go back to the whole thing about people writing about science fiction and fantasy.

That shit is made up too, so fck off.

I've never ridden a dragon, but I can write about it.


That doesn't mean it's not valid because you didn't meet a fcking dragon in your life.

You know?

And most of us have had an experience doing something that may have been like similar to what we're writing about.

So it's easy to transpose that like I've ridden a horse but I've never ridden a dragon but I can write about riding a dragon because it's going to be somewhat like riding a horse you know so I can yeah but I do do research when I write make sure that I at least know what is correct about certain things as to how to use an item or you know safety things

I try to make sure I research the non-sexual stuff as well because I do often write historical stories or locations and I don't want to get San Francisco wrong or New York wrong.

and two like you know yeah i've done that too like you know i included a particular sex toy it was it was a glass dildo and i had never used one but i knew someone who had so i asked her a bunch of questions you know it's like it doesn't mean i can't write about using a glass dildo just because i haven't used one i think that's just stupid that people would think that you know like this isn't memoir this isn't not fiction this is fiction

I mean think about what happened before the internet where people didn't have anything except an encyclopedia that was 10 years out of date to read about something and may have one paragraph on something you know but you know I was doing something recently about anal sex

and I just went online to see what people said about it and I found women who were explaining how they felt during anal sex and so I read all these things that women said about how they felt and I incorporated certain parts of that into what I was writing.


100% valid.

Those are recounts of reality that those people are sharing that are great for an author to read and use to shape what they're writing.

Oh for sure.

And I do that too when I don't know how to use a toy, like you said, or like, oh, I was writing about a sex room for a story I just finished in Medium, Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties.

Oh yeah, I saw it on Medium.

I loved it.

It was fun to write.

I think I'm going to do a follow up to it at some point, but not right away.


It's a good title, I gotta say that.

Well, there was the movie, it fit so well.

I like coming up with titles.

I don't know if you've seen me on Twitter, on a Hardison Parker account, but I'll do polls of titles like that and just see what people want me to write.

So that was one that people picked that I should write.

And I really enjoyed writing it because it gives you the story, but then you get to put your own erotic twist on it.

So for the end of it they were in a sex room and had them doing a lot of things but I didn't want them to use the same machine over and over again or the same toy over and over again so I went online I looked at other things that might be in a sex room and some I had seen used before or used myself and some I hadn't and I just incorporated as much of it as I could because that's the way my mind works.

Oh absolutely yes I've done that too I've even gone on like Amazon and like researched their sex furniture because they actually have sex furniture on Amazon you know it seems so sex negative but they actually sell that stuff yeah they do they do and that stuff they can advertise apparently

Well, yeah, because it's from a company.

That's what is total.

That's what is total BS too.

Another thing that bugs the shit out of me is like on Instagram, say like a woman is a sex coach and she puts on a picture of herself in lingerie and they cut it down.

But the companies can put any picture they want of any woman in lingerie and it gets to stay.

That's total fucking BS.

And unfortunately, that's the world we live in.

But isn't that fucking annoying?

Yeah, it's TikTok too.

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

Oh yeah totally.

I did this one post I was with a bunch of erotica authors and it was just this video of everybody's cover and Amazon was okay with it and they took it down.

I'm like it's fckin book covers that Amazon accepts and you're gonna ban it?

What the fck?

I had an entire account closed because I posted a book cover that Amazon accepted.

Now granted it was a woman who had rope wrapped around her but not in like a

like bondage way but it was like the precursor for bondage it was just a woman just she had gathered rope around her body uh but yeah they they banned my account had to make a new account

That's such BS and here's what I don't get.

So like I interviewed a man on here who is a Shibari expert and he's on a podcast and he's huge on TikTok, right?

And this is what he does.

He ties up people and he but his account is huge, right?

So he has to post all these things and then like, okay, that doesn't make any sense.

So what that tells me also is that they give the bigger accounts more leniency than they do the little accounts.

because he posts all the fcking time and that's what he's posting about is bondage and tying people up I found since I became a creator level that my posts don't get flagged as much Oh I wonder if I'm creator level I should check that out Do you have more than a thousand subscribers?

I have no idea Once you hit a thousand you can switch to creator and get a lot more leeway you can go live you can have longer videos

Okay I'll have to check that out because I'm not sure I don't spend a whole lot of time on TikTok because they've taken on so many of my posts so I'm like I don't really want to spend a whole lot of time there although I know it's a great tool to reach readers.

Yeah I'm getting active in the BookTok community and run a few ads that have gotten good response.

A Free Use Romance Story

I have a feeling he does it with mostly clothed women though on TikTok I don't know the pictures I should look because the pictures he sent me they were not wearing a lot of clothing so that's what makes me suspicious that they treat the bigger accounts differently than they do

Actually I know this is true on Instagram because I tell this story and my listeners probably get tired of me saying it but there's this woman who is pelvic floor rehab doctor right and so she put this post and it was a poll like okay women what gets you off the most which part of your body and it was like clitoris g-spot anal nipples or something I don't remember what the fourth one was but she could put the word clitoris but me I have a smaller account on Instagram

I went in and I chose clitoris and I wrote clitoris and I got the community ban.

I'm like okay so she can write clitoris but I can't.

I got community violation regulation flags coming up.

And so then I decided I got I was pissed off.

I'm like my body part is not a bad fcking word.

Fck you.

So then I got in there and I put in penis.

I got no flag.

So penis is allowed but clitoris is not.

Yeah that's because Mark Zuckerberg doesn't believe in the clitoris.

I know he's just a dick so you know I guess that fits oh man so tell me what's your writing process like every author I talk to I just and I love I think it's fascinating how everybody has a different process like some people need a certain treat some people need a certain food they need a certain drink they need a certain time a day they need a certain mind frame they write you know 500 minimum words a day what's your process what do you do do you have something or are you just whatever you feel like well

People would call me a pantser because I tend to just do things on the fly.

I don't, I don't plot very much, although lately I've been plotting a little bit more because I'm taking on a bigger project.

But yeah, I don't really have a process.

I have a little cubby behind my bed, my room.

It's like the way the house is built.

It's this tiny little office space that doesn't have a door, but it's in my bedroom behind my bed and set up with just a computer desk.

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

I've had to be taking care of him and so my time is so limited that I don't have the time to do 500 words a day or a thousand words a day so I'll sit down and write until I'm done and then go to bed and then I'll come home for work make dinner I'll sit down and write and then however many words and so sometimes I find myself up against a deadline and I'll just stay up all night the night before the deadline to finish something

So I try to give myself artificial deadlines ahead of time so that it gets done early But most of the time I'm just writing last-minute to finish things up, but yeah, it's I'm very good at doing that I don't know not bragging because I don't know that it's a good thing But I've always been able to just sit and do things quickly and not need much editing That's good.

So with Grammarly's help and a little bit of a reread.

I usually get the editing done quickly, but

Interview with Author Hardison Parker

I don't know if you've done any of these yet, but I found out about collabs where 12 or 13 or 20 authors get together and they write a Christmas book or they write a Halloween book or they write a hot wife book and they schedule everything.

So then I have my deadline and then I know I have to get things done.

Like I know I have a book coming out on September 18th.

I need to have it submitted to KDP by September 12th.

So I have my deadline and that's the one that's coming out the millionaire million dollar trick.

So is that one in anthology of multiple authors?

It's not an anthology.

It's a collaboration.

So I have a book coming out on the 18th.

Someone has one coming out on the 17th.

And so most of September, someone's releasing a book in that series.

Oh, I see.

So you do a series together.

That's kind of what the deal is.


Let me pull it up.




I tend to work better under a deadline too, but I'm not good at if I gave myself a fake deadline, I wouldn't believe it.

So I wouldn't be very good at that.

Yeah well I always have my I always have my KDP deadline uh keep me honest because yeah I don't want to I don't want to risk getting too many of those things.

I hate that it doesn't come up yet.

I should just use that.

Oh I'm talking to myself a little bit but to pull out this book and it's not coming up because it's not published yet.

Okay gotcha.

Hang on just a sec.

A Free Use Romance Story Interview

And it's a mix of people- Is that the Million Dollar Trick?

Yeah, that's the one from September, the Million Dollar Trick.

And I wrote my embarrassing Vella experience.

I started a book in Vella, which is still there, but not finished yet.


And Kindle Vella, I don't know if you've tried it, but Kindle Vella is serialization.

It's sort of like Medium, but yeah, people have to pay with points to read it.

And I think I was getting like two reads an episode.

because I just don't know how to promote it because you can't promote it the same way you promote your other stuff and for a while it was making decent money because they were giving bonuses every month for people who were publishing but that kept going down because that was only a limited time and it just wasn't worth the time I was spending on it so I need to finish them because I'm not going to leave them half finished but the point I'm trying to make is one of the ones I wrote is called Beck and Call

It's about a guy named Beck who starts a escort service called Beck and Call, which I thought was a great name for an escort service.

It is, I was going to say that.

So in that series, he's being challenged by someone he meets to not have sex with his clients and still satisfy them.

Oh, intriguing.


And the goal at the end of that is she'll go out on a date with him if he does that.

So he's got to go through that and that's where it's kind of in limbo right now because I just I just don't have time to do a serialization like that Like I can do the medium one because I know people are gonna read it

But with the Velo one people just weren't reading it and just getting frustrated posting things and yes I can skip a week on medium and not have anyone cry about it I can't skip a week on that without the reader saying well we want an episode So I just I need to get back to it and finish it, but it's about halfway done on there but so this is the same character just a different time in his life and This this story is going to be about where he has a bet

where he'll make a million dollars from getting this girl to sleep with him, but it's not going to be easy for him.

There's a challenge.

So, yeah, and whether he wants to take up the challenge is going to be part of the story.

So it's going to be an interesting story.

Oh, absolutely.

And so that's the one that's coming out September 18th?



That's very cool.

That's a very cool thing.

And then you have the Hot Wife Bitten, which is coming out October 12th, I saw.


That's the Halloween collab.

Another collaboration with about 20 authors, I think, in that one.

That's nice.

So then when you do that, then you like help promote each other's books?


That's the whole point of it is because I have 2000 subscribers to my newsletter and someone else may have 10,000 subscribers.

Someone else may have 1000, but there's some overlap.

But for the most part, we all have different audiences.

Especially because a lot of these collabs have some people who are more romance authors than they are erotic authors.

So we're exposing each other to larger audiences and new audiences and those books they always sell better than the books that I put out on my own.

Yeah, and that makes sense.

I didn't realize you could serialize with different authors.

Like I've done series.

Well, we're not serializing.


Yeah, they don't take place in the same storyline.

They're just they're all independent stories.

Like I did one called Touched in Paradise a while back, which was Temptations Paradise Resort.

All the books take place at Temptations Paradise Resort, but they're all at different times.

So the characters don't really run into each other.

They can run into each other.

I did a

One which is called Touched It At The Con which is that's the one I ran and it was all taking place at a comic convention so there was a lot of cosplay and a lot of crossover in terms of we allowed each other to use certain characters from our stories in their story like oh I see this booth run by the people from Alexa Summers level up and so you know

There's a lot of little easter eggs that we put in there but the story is still independent.

You don't have to know anything about these other things to read each person's story but we had like 16 people write books for that series and yeah.

That makes sense.

So there's a connection between the stories, but it not is not necessarily the same characters and it's not a serialized storyline.


And if you're like me, I use some of the collabs to write my series.

Like I have a whole Hot Wife series and each one of those books has been in a collab.

But after six months, you can take it out of the collab and I'm putting it all as a series now.

So it's the same two characters and then a whole bunch of other characters.

But it's all about this Hot Wife, Jessie.

and her husband Martin and Martin is the motivation behind her Hot Wife activities because I got tired of people comparing Hot Wife to cheating.


So it is totally different.



So this is Martin and the first one takes place in Vegas.

She's on a business trip and Martin sets her up with all these adventures and just says no matter what happens just say yes.

and that's her first exposure to Hot Wife.

And since I live in Vegas, it was really easy for me to find places that they could have sex.


So she gets all these experiences in Vegas and then they go several months without anything.

And then I wrote a little short story for them for Thanksgiving where she's basically the Thanksgiving meal and he invites people.


And then I did Hot Wife

Gift Exchange, which was where he made her the elephant gift for his office.

And then we did a hot wife Valentine's one.

I can't remember what that one's called off the top of my head.

That is awesome.


And so she found a table there.

She was at Valentine's dinner with her husband, and there was a group of four anti Valentine's people at the restaurant there.

And so she convinced them to like Valentine's Day.

I bet she did.

She did.

And then the last one that I just published was the summer one, Hot Wife Summer.

This was Hot Wife Bares It All.

And she goes to Jamaica to an all-inclusive adult resort with her husband, and he sets her up with a lot of different people.

Very nice yeah that sounds like a lot of yeah a lot of amazing adventures and exciting things to write about and it's kind of fun too because it's kind of like you're given a little bit of an assignment but you don't have to but you kind of get to go your own way exactly exactly you get to pick out how it goes and what happens and everyone's writing the same theme and people want to read that especially the romance readers I think yeah yeah

They like to see things happen in the same location because they go, Oh yeah, I remember that.

Oh, for sure.

I mean, it's just fun.

It's kind of like if you like one book, you're like, it's like when you don't want like a movie to end or a TV series to end.

And then it doesn't because there's something else you can go into that space with.

And it's just really fun and exciting.

And just it's like a fresh look on something you already liked.


And then I'll have a Christmas one too in the CoLab.


Yeah, very cool.

Very cool.

That's a great thing.

And you know, like you're talking about on Twitter, there is a great I know Twitter is experiencing a lot of bombs going on right now, but it has been a great place for writers, especially erotic authors.

Do you feel like it's being damaged by the you-know-who Elon fckface or do you feel like it's still thriving?

I think it's being extremely damaged.

because a lot of people are leaving or a lot of people can't talk in DMs anymore because they have these artificial limits that don't make any sense and the reach is down.

I started Twitter before I started the writing community.

I started Twitter in hashtag games.

So I don't know if you've seen those but you get a hashtag like let's see I'll give you one that's trending right now.

I have to go to my other account.

So the most current one right now is in my senior years and then you're supposed to finish the sentence.

So the hashtag is hashtag in my senior years and then you do something and it's funny and people will post some happy things, people will post sexy things, people will post just dumb things.

Whatever comes to mind and you usually attach a gift or a

meme or something with it or just a picture that goes with what you're saying and so I started playing that and I used to get hundreds to thousands of likes and retweets so now you only get even the people who do this all the day long they only get like 10 to 15 likes and retweets if you get 20 you're you're doing better and that's because they're basically throttling the community um and if you don't have a blue check you're throttled if you have a blue check you're still throttled

because I know people who have a blue check who don't get much more in terms of likes than I do, you know?

So it's just, it's bad for the community because sharing is no longer getting anywhere.

Like my Intriverse account, if I share things on that, I don't get a lot of people seeing them.

I have 5,000 plus followers on that and I'm lucky if I get like 180 people even seeing the post.

Oh, for sure.

Yeah, basically he's driving it into the ground is what he's doing.

He's completely just wrecking it.

Yeah, I think he's doing it on purpose because he was mad that he had to buy it.

I don't think he ever thought his offer would be accepted.

And I've heard too that he's controlled by other people that wanted him to destroy it because they didn't like it existing in the world.

And I don't know what the truth is, but it's all very disturbing and sad.

Yeah, but the good thing is

A lot of people in the writing community have formed a discord so we can still communicate with each other and a lot of the helpful advice is out there on the discord but yeah I mean the friendships that are formed on on Twitter are not going to be so easy to form anymore and everyone's going to different platforms so you know

Can't keep up with having a blue sky, a thread, a Twitter, you know, I think I have a high.

Um, I just can't keep up with all that and yeah, you know Yeah scatter everybody so that they can't congregate I don't know what his goal is, but I just think that I hope karma bites his ass off is you know what I hope because who takes something that is just amazing and Decides to fucking destroy it and I think karma needs to just fucking destroy him.

I think he underestimated what people would tolerate

and I think he said well I'll make some money by charging for a blue check and was upset when people didn't do it and then when people started blocking people with blue checks he's like well then what's the point of buying a blue check so then he made it so you could hide the blue check you know well why are you buying a blue check if you can hide it you know

Right, exactly.

So maybe that's his motivation for this latest mention doing the whole you can't block anybody.

You think that's what it is?

Oh yeah, that's exactly what it is.

I didn't.

Yeah, I hadn't thought of that, but that makes sense.

He's scrambling.

The right wing people who bought blue checks and are not getting any sight because people are blocking them are mad.

Yeah, but there's ways he could have

initiated a feature like that that weren't so dangerous.

But by saying you can't block anyone on your public timeline, he's making it so stalkers, even if you mute them, can still see what you post.


It's going to fcking blow up.


So if you have someone who has threatened you or actually harmed you and they can still see what you post, they can just make another account to harass you.


One that you haven't muted.

So it's just a big dangerous thing.

It is for sure.

But I don't think he's going to get away with it because he won't be able to be on Apple or Google Play if he doesn't allow the block feature.

So that's true.

That's a good point.

They might stop that whole business.

I don't know.

It's interesting.

I don't know what's going to happen, but it's just it's always changing and it just seems to get more fcked up.


It's crazy.

So one thing I want to ask you, I wanted to ask you, which I like to tell people, ask people who are writers, what's something that has surprised you ever since you started writing erotica?

Is there something that just like you hadn't expected or was just kind of like an aha moment?

Like just something that really was like, wow, I didn't expect this.

Do you have anything like that?

Yeah, I do.

I didn't expect

There would be so much market for some really tiny focused kinks.

You know for me and maybe it's because the first erotic I ever read was some book my mom had hidden in a box.

But I never thought people would go for just these really out there kinks like the alien kink.

you know certain taboo kinks like just the whole stepmom daughter thing and I guess I should have known that because these are things that are popular on like the websites but I never thought those would be something people could make money off of on selling books about and there's so many different kinks out there and there's people writing books just on little tiny ones like I saw someone who wrote she writes Jewish erotica

and all her books are focused on erotica with Jewish kinks involved.



And then someone writes about feet and someone writes about, you know, the aliens.

And I can't believe there's such a big market for alien porn.

Oh, it's huge.


Yeah, it really is.


I just can't believe that.

But but people like it.

And that's great.

And, you know, monsters also is a big one.

Well, for sure it is.

But even the small ones get attention.

Oh, they do.

You know, it's just it's just true there.

There's a kink out there that you can think of.

Somebody probably hasn't, you know, like anything like weird things, things you wouldn't even like think of.


What do you say?

What do you say to people that think that that people aren't kinky and that most people are vanilla and they don't have any kinks?

I say that they're just not admitting they have kinks or they're not.

They're repressing them.

Um because everyone I know has a kink.

Yes, I agree.

And I think that the more religious you are the more you're taught to repress that.


But I don't know anyone who with the right person the kink won't come out.


And you read a lot about people like that where they're not having any sex in their lives and they get divorced and or that they cheat and the person they're cheating with or the person they're with after the divorce

All of a sudden, they're super kinky.


Yeah, it's not because they all of a sudden decided they had this kink.

It's because they found a person who was willing to accept the kink.


You know, if you're in a relationship and your partner isn't listening to your fantasies or talking about doing things or trying new things, you shut down.

Oh, yeah.

And if you shut down, you're repressing this part of you that wants to try these things.

And it doesn't mean you're not still fantasizing about it in your dreams or, you know, using it to get yourself off while they're not pleasing you.

It just means that you're not vocalizing it because you don't feel like you can talk to your partner.

And then you find someone who opens up.

That's why I mean the whole daddy Dom thing.

It's all about getting something you're not getting from your partner.

because and the daddy dom thing you're not getting it from your partner because they love you and they when when you love someone you tend not to want to hurt them so you don't want to be rough with them you don't want to force them to do things you don't want to command them because you love them you want to support them but it can be a problem if you're not willing to to do these things because that's what when they go out and find it somewhere else yeah that's so true

Totally true.

Yeah, you know the repression suppression the shame.

It's just gonna wreck it and Yeah, people have kinks.

That's just the reality.

I mean people that think that people don't have kinks are really clueless Yeah are clueless, but those are the relationships that end up not working too.

Yeah true at some points

Yeah, they will fall apart.

Unfortunately, that's just a reality because they're they're not accepting the partner for who they are.

Yeah, I one of the things that I try to tell people when a friend of mine is having trouble, you know, with their spouse or their relationship is I'm like, you have to listen.

and I don't mean just let them talk and let it go in one ear and out the other but you have to listen and you have to be open to things that may not be something you're in your comfort zone because if people would just talk to each other and say hey I'm not going to shame you if you tell me that you have a can.

I'm not going to say what you can't do something.

I will may say that I don't feel like that's for me But I will listen and I will let you express your desire and maybe we'll find something you can do that that will yeah turn you on because like I said, I was in a sort of in relationship and When things were good, it was really good.

We talked about everything.

We shared our fantasies We had our rules and we stuck to them when we didn't stick to the rules.

That's when things went south

and that's why the relationship ended but you know it can be a very healthy very happy thing but you have to make sure that you and your partner are getting the things you need out of it and the only way to do that is talk about it and if you don't talk about it if every time they bring up hey did you think about maybe you know cuffing me to the bed and you're like oh i'm not going to do that well

That doesn't mean that they're stop stop thinking about that.

It just means that they know that you're not going to do it and you're not going to even try to to do something to please them.

And if you keep doing that, you know, if they're like, hey, can you use my toy?

No, I'm not going to do that.

You know, can you lick me?

No, I'm not going to do that.

Then it becomes, well, look, I'm not going to get it from you.

I got to get it somewhere because this is something I'm thinking about and I want it and I'm not going to be able to orgasm if you're not going to be willing to treat my needs as something real.

And that goes back to the mental thing.

It's all connecting mentally before you connect physically.

100% Yeah.

Women need to feel that they're wanted and that they're not being just, just used for an ends to a mean, you know, to get you off.


They need to know that their needs are being met and it doesn't necessarily orgasm every time.

It doesn't necessarily mean they need to always be doing what they want to do.

What it means is you have to make them feel like they're getting something out of it.

Oh yeah.

And if you shame them, don't expect them to want to share things in the future.


And why would they just lay on a bed so you can get off on them if you're not, if you're going to make them feel guilty about doing it, you know?

Oh, you can't want anything?


And who wants to share fantasy with someone and then have them like, you know, aggressively get angry

You're not going to bring up another thing.

You're not going to bring up eventually you just were bringing that up and then you're not getting your you're not getting satisfied.

You're not getting what you want.

I mean, it's just not going to work.

No, but people stay in those relationships because they're taught they have to stay in a marriage.

They're taught that they don't get a say, you know.

That's very true.

And I hope that this this whole that whole thing goes by the wayside as as as younger generations come in.

I hope that that goes away because it just doesn't seem it's just sad.

It's unfair.

And it's just who wants to live that way?

Yeah, well, with the internet, it's going to be out there for people to learn about and for people to share their stories and experiences.

So I really think that

Once you open that box, it's really hard to close it.


So I think a lot of the younger people are seeing that.

I think so too.


I say fcking good.

Oh, me too.

But then I just had someone on Twitter post something today on a post I did.

I posted a meme in a hashtag game.

It's a girl holding a sign that says don't fake orgasms.

Make sure he knows he can't fuck.

and someone commented on it someone who this comment seems like completely out for the way his profile is set up because he's very liberal and supports you know all all the liberal things but he says we're in the fourth generation of feminism and has made America a worse place for men and women what and I'm like how right you know just just because they're not willing to sit there and fake an orgasm because you know they want to have fun too um yeah

so that's that's just yeah there's still people out there who just don't get it you gotta pretend you like lima beans apparently huh apparently and lima beans every night exactly with no butter and no salt that's fun

Oh this has been such an amazing chat.

I have had so much fun talking with you.

Thank you.

What do you want to say that you haven't said yet or what do you want to bring up yet that you haven't said?

Is there anything that you're like burning to talk about or say?

And also where can everybody find all of your work?

Well you can find me on my Amazon author page which is author.to.

slash Hardison Parker and you can also find me on my website where I try to keep up with uh some book reviews and some news about what I'm coming out with in the future that's at intrigueverse.com the links should be somewhere I'll put the links in the podcast notes okay so the links will be in the podcast notes yeah all I can do is just encourage people to to read even if you don't know who the author is just give them a read

We write a lot of books and some of them are great and don't get enough love because we're independently published.

So we all need the support and if you like something give us feedback, give us a review, send us an email.

Absolutely absolutely and you know what it's so great about independent published things they don't have to follow those fucking tropes that we were talking about.

If your brain likes novelty check out independent publishers because we don't have to follow what everybody thinks the market wants or what everybody

Thanks Will Sell.

We get to do new novel things that haven't been published or aren't out there because you big publishers are afraid to fckin do it.



Damn straight.

But definitely give a chance to some of the independent authors and just give them a read.

My books are all available on KU.

They're all available on Kindle for

$2 to $3 each and several of them are available in paperback and several of them available on audio book.

So take a look.


And all the links will be down in the podcast show notes where people can find your work and read it and listen to it because audio book is a great option too.

And Medium.

Medium is a fantastic place to be too.

So my Medium link is there too.


And what are you called on Medium?

Are you Hardison Parker?

Yeah, I'm Hardison Parker everywhere.

Thank you so much for being here.

This has been a fantastic chat and it felt like it went by like in like a blink of an eye.

I know I can't believe it's been so long, but thank you again.

It's my pleasure.

Thank you.

You have a great night.

You too.


Thank you for listening to this.

It was a really fun chat.

I always love talking to other writers.

It's just so special and fun.

I just connect with them on so many levels.

We're similar creatures obviously and so it's so much fun to find out what other writers do and their process and just their thoughts and especially I love to talk to other erotica authors because we're in a special category and we as we talked about we face particular challenges because we write about sex

and there's a lot of people in the world who get pissed at that.

Or they can just suck it.

Suck my clit.

That's what I say.

Fck off.

Okay I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you check out his books.

Check out my books too.

Down in the podcast show notes are all of his links and mine where I have erotic books, erotic romance, and erotic audiobooks.

and it's so much fun to do you should get a book listen to it my new books are The Limo Sex Challenge and Neighborhood Sex Secrets and you can check out Hardison Parker Yours Until Midnight A Free Use Romance The Million Dollar Trick and The Hot White Bitten will be coming in October all right and you can check us both out on Medium I'm on Medium as well

I hope you have an amazing day.

Don't forget to enjoy your body today.

Make sure you come today.

We were given these organs for a reason, for pleasure.

Make sure you get yourself some organic, wonderful, natural relaxation through giving yourself an orgasm.

Use your hormones, baby.

Make yourself feel amazing.

Get your blood flow going.

Get yourself some amazing

Amazing chemicals that your own body makes.

Make yourself come today.

Enjoy yourself and use those healing pieces of your body every day to help yourself and your mind to be healthy.

Sexual health matters to your mental health.

Make sure you come today.

I'm telling you baby do it.

Just do it.

and I want to mention quick I do have an extra level of a podcast for three dollars a month if you'd like to join that you get the exclusives and you get to do see all of them listen to all of them once you join so you can see all of them when you do that if you'd like to support me in that way I would love that I'm also on patreon and I'm on fansly if you'd like to join my subscription there so have an amazing day don't forget

Make yourself come today.

Oh Fck Yeah.

I had to say it again you know.

Love ya.

Bye bye now.