Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

Professional Cuddler, Erotica Author, and Podcaster Felicity Azura

September 22, 2023 Ruan Willow / Felicity Azura Season 3 Episode 332
Professional Cuddler, Erotica Author, and Podcaster Felicity Azura
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
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Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Professional Cuddler, Erotica Author, and Podcaster Felicity Azura
Sep 22, 2023 Season 3 Episode 332
Ruan Willow / Felicity Azura

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Episode 332: Professional Cuddler, Erotica Author, and Podcaster Felicity Azura. Meet Felicity! She's a professional cuddler and shares what that means, entails, and how she goes about it. She shares her process, how she rents out places, or does house calls to cuddle her clients and be their companion on dates. It's platonic, but provides comfort, companionship, and caregiving/affection. She also is starting up doing duo hug calls with another professional, so hit her up if you'd like her to visit you! She also travels and does tour dates. She also identifies as a sex-worker, an erotica author and performer, a dancer, and a filmmaker. You can find her on TikTok as Cuddle Felicity, Youtube as Magn0lia flowers (watch her dance videos), and Instagram as procuddlehustlepodcast. Check out her podcast Pro Cuddle Hustle available on podcast apps.  And she's also available on Patreon.

We had a great chat! It was fun to learn about how she works as a professional cuddler, and I especially loved hearing out the Air BNB's she visits. So fun!

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Episode 332: Professional Cuddler, Erotica Author, and Podcaster Felicity Azura. Meet Felicity! She's a professional cuddler and shares what that means, entails, and how she goes about it. She shares her process, how she rents out places, or does house calls to cuddle her clients and be their companion on dates. It's platonic, but provides comfort, companionship, and caregiving/affection. She also is starting up doing duo hug calls with another professional, so hit her up if you'd like her to visit you! She also travels and does tour dates. She also identifies as a sex-worker, an erotica author and performer, a dancer, and a filmmaker. You can find her on TikTok as Cuddle Felicity, Youtube as Magn0lia flowers (watch her dance videos), and Instagram as procuddlehustlepodcast. Check out her podcast Pro Cuddle Hustle available on podcast apps.  And she's also available on Patreon.

We had a great chat! It was fun to learn about how she works as a professional cuddler, and I especially loved hearing out the Air BNB's she visits. So fun!

Neighborhood Sex Secrets
Buy links (affiliate links, podcast may receive a small commission on sales):
Decadent Erotica: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/decadenteroticaaudiobook
The Limo Sex Challenge novella book 5 of 6: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com/thelimosexchallenge
Ruan's Books, Audiobooks: https://books.ruanwillowauthor.com

Catch my podcast on tv! The Planet X Network/Roku TV/Podnation! My show is at 11 pm (ish) Easter time zone on Sundays & Mondays (and sometimes other times, and on the app anytime for a limited time only though). https://player.frontlayer.com/live/fl427618 

The podcast show is also on the Full Swap Radio internet radio station and app Tuesdays at 6 pm and Wednesdays at 8 am CST.

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Episode 332. Season 3. Transcript created by Substack. Not 100% accurate. Please email ruanwillow@gmail.com with questions. Thank you!
Hello, this is Ruan Willow with the Oh Fck Yeah with Ruan Willow podcast.

Welcome to my podcast where I talk about sex, sexuality, sexual health, things to help you have better sex solo and with a partner and partners.

And I have experts on and I create erotic fiction for you.

It includes erotic improv.

Okay, so my guest today is Felicity Azura and she is a professional cuddler, an erotica author.

She is a dancer, a filmmaker, and she is a podcaster at the Pro Cuddle Hustle Podcast.

and she is really a professional cuddler people hire her to cuddle them and this is a real thing it's her real job and it's really interesting to find out about this meeting people's needs of touch and affection and intimacy she also is now providing dual cuddles with another cuddle professional

She has tour dates in September and October so you can check out her information and find out if you would like to work with her.

She's on TikTok as Cuddle Felicity, YouTube as Magnolia Flowers, and others as Pro Cuddle Hustle.

You can probably also find her on social media if she's on a particular platform by hashtag Pro Cuddle Hustle.

She also does things where she rents out Airbnbs for her cuddle time.

She makes house calls and on YouTube she does dance videos so you can find more about her in those ways.

It's really an interesting thing.

It's really a job.

There are people out there who are professional cuddlers and that is their job.

So find out more about what she does, how she does it, and she even discusses how much money she makes doing this as well.

So it's a very interesting thing and maybe someday you would like to hire a professional cuddler for your own self.

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Okay, we're going to get into this, find out more about what Felicity does.

It's so very interesting and unique.

And it's a thing.

It's a real thing.

You too can hire a professional cuddler if you so choose.

Okay, are we ready?

Let's go!


My name is Felicity and I am a sex worker, professional cuddler, and a podcast host.

I've been podcasting for four years now and I love guests speaking on other people's podcasts.

Ruan and I actually recorded an interview I think in April of this year but that file eventually got lost so a lot has happened since the last time we spoke and I'm excited to get into it.

Well welcome Felicity I'm so excited to talk to you again and that was so heartbreaking to lose our chat it was such a bummer but you know we're redoing it where it's not gone forever because we're redoing the talk and welcome to my podcast I'm really excited to chat with you and find out what you've been doing.

From the top of my head, one of the things that happened since we last spoke was I performed at this one festival that happens in San Francisco every single year.

It's been going on since 1998, so the year I was born, and it's a festival that was started by the late Carol Lee, who's a champion for sex workers' rights.

She recently passed, so may she rest in peace.


People are keeping her memory alive by continuing her sex worker film festival and there are some days where it's like a bunch of sex workers reading their erotica at a lib- not library, a bookstore and then other days it's a live variety show where people are doing stand-up comedy and

pole dancing and reading erotica i read my erotica at a long-standing film festival and it was i don't have any video recordings of me doing it it was invigorating

I had a wonderful time and I will absolutely do it again next year with some brand new erotica.

I specifically chose a piece of writing that I had never performed before.

So first day of the festival, I was at a bookstore and I read erotica that I wrote about pregnant sex and yes, specifically pregnant anal and then

On the day of the live variety show where I was performing on an actual stage, I chose to read erotica I wrote about a cuckolding scene.

Ah, okay, gotcha.



Was it fun?

I mean, was it all you expected?

Did you feel just like... Yes!

The audience actually laughed at the variety show.

They, like, every couple of lines I could tell there were some people in the crowd who were amused.

The crowd at the bookstore was much smaller it was a small bookstore nothing like a big auditorium but I got to meet so many wonderful people at that festival.

That's really cool.

Were you nervous to do it or were you like this is cool and you more excited?

Oh I was nervous when I was reading at the bookstore because the other public speakers they

When they were reading their writing they're like reading their super serious you know movie review portraying sex workers and then here I am and I'm like you want to hear about some pregnant anal that never happened I just came up with it yeah but

Members of the audience enjoyed the erotica.

It was a nice change of pace.

People like stories you know and if you're acting them out people like that you know it's it's definitely interesting to people.

Yeah I like being the silly goose of the room.

That's awesome.

So you enjoyed performing.

That's wonderful and you're going to do it again.

And so then you have several months here before you have to have your final piece ready for you to read again because it'll be next summer, right?

So it'll be 2024.

Yeah the film festival I believe happens every single May.

Oh in May okay I was thinking it was August no we're talking in August but you did it in May okay got it.

So the festival is in May do they ever like film any of that stream it on the web or anything or is it just totally just a local thing people go to?

It might just be a local thing but in the in the next year maybe they'll experiment with live streaming.

I mean ever since its inauguration in 1998 there would be some days of the festival that would occur in San Francisco and then other days that would occur in Oakland and I have never been to a conference or a festival or whatever where some days

There are two different locations and they're like 10 miles apart.

I had never heard of that until I attended this festival but it's to accommodate you know people on the peninsula and then accommodate people in the east bay because traffic.

Just traffic.


Oh absolutely.

So you are also a professional cuddler in addition to being an erotica author and you're a podcaster.

Say the name of your podcaster and what it's about.

My podcast is called Pro Cuddle Hustle Podcast, and it is the world's first podcast about professional cuddling, the cuddle industry, cuddle parties, the like.

And I saw the need for representation that wasn't a complete outsider

Trying to make sense of my very esoteric job.

I think no, I don't think it's rare for a cuddle therapist to interview another cuddle therapist.

And I want that to be more frequent.

So I am being the change that I want to see in not just the podcasting sphere, but just media as a whole.


It's a great aspiration and important to do.

I completely agree.

And so what so who have you interviewed?

Have you had a specific one that you really enjoyed talking with?

The most recent audio that I finished editing is of Jessica Martin

And she is a dear friend of mine.

I'm actually going to meet up with her in a couple of hours.

She lives in an entirely different state, but she often visits my area.

So we get to meet up every time she's here.

And it's so nice to be able to talk to other professional cuddlers in person, not just over Zoom, but in person.

And yeah, for sure.


It's so rewarding to have an in-person friendship.

And I've never offered duo cuddles before with clients, but I call her my duo partner.

She told me that she's found some clients who are willing to cuddle both of us simultaneously for September.

So I am going to do something for the very first time in September and I'm excited.

I've spoken to some of my clients.

And I've yet to have someone say that they want both at the same time, but I am keeping my hopes up that will happen.

Oh for sure.

So tell people what that consists of.

Like what do you do and what is your particular, what is your usual session like with a client?

Are they all different?

It's all different because everyone has different needs.

For example,

Some people prefer to be listeners instead of talkers.

Some people want to hear me talk about my life and then there are other people who are more talkers and they want me to listen to what they have to say.

I've had some tell me their entire life story the first time I ever meet them.

And then I have some people who don't tell me a very important transition of their life until we've seen each other for three years consistently.

And so everyone's different.


With the double cuddles I am looking forward to that because especially if a client is more of a listener type they don't want to talk it'd be refreshing to hear two people who are friends talk to each other so you don't feel like you have to fill the silence if there is a silence.

Yeah right oh absolutely I could totally see that being very appealing to some people.

And so basically what you do is you visit their home, correct?

Yeah, I often do house calls.

I don't have an office.

A lot of cuddle therapists will literally rent an office in a business building to snuggle clients in.

I've met cuddle therapists who have multiple offices.

And I'm like how do you pay for your rent and all those rents like can't do that just can't and I understand that there's more safety with that.

Yes, but one of the reasons why I became a professional cuddler is because

I like having a flexible work schedule.

If I had an office that I was paying rent for every single month, I would feel compelled to never take a break because I gotta pay my own rent and I gotta pay rent for that office.

Can't take a break and that sounds completely against why I started doing this in the first place.

I sometimes host in hotels, sometimes I host in Airbnbs.

I've yet to start using Peerspace and Vrbo, but those are other options I have been looking into.

And with hotels, it's wonderful because you can just select this filter that's like, you pay once you show up at the property instead of, you know, do a deposit.


Yeah, but I won't even choose that

This is a scary part but also a very exciting part.

I sound very masochistic right now.

I do like how there's very, very, it's a blessing and a curse.

There's so little information out there right now, which is pretty bad if you're like new to the industry.

You're like, where do I go if I need help?

On the plus side, since there's very very little, I feel like

I can this sounds so selfish but I can be the first to do a lot of things like I'm the first person to start a podcast about this.

I've been contacted by several cuddle party facilitators asking hey I know you're sponsoring this dance competition but can you sponsor my upcoming cuddle party?

I really got to get back to those people but that is one of the many many side projects of mine.

I don't know any other person who can say that they're a sponsor

A cuddle party like there's a bunch of cuddle party facilitators worldwide but I don't know how many people can say that they sponsor cuddle parties.

One of the people I've interviewed for my podcast they're all the way in the United Kingdom I live in the United States and they host cuddle parties in Bristol and so I really got to reach out to them and be like hey hope you're doing well

Do you use PayPal?

Because I would love to sponsor one of your cuddle parties because I really love what you're doing.

And unfortunately, I don't pay my guests to speak on my show.


In an ideal world, where capitalism still exists, I would be paying all of my guests.

But I, I am already investing hundreds and hundreds and even thousands of dollars into my podcast.

And so

I think maybe to make up for the fact that I'm not paying my interviewees, I could sponsor events that they're hosting.

And that gets, you know, their audience more familiar with me and

The most listened to episodes of my podcast are the ones I made in like 2019.

I have grown so much as a person and podcaster.

Since the year I started, I am not going to stop interviewing other cuddle therapists.

I love doing it.

And it's fun to edit those episodes where I'm not just listening to my voice and whilst I am

bit melancholy that my newer episodes get like 20 to 40 listens.

Even a month after posting I I have faith.

I mean, it's I don't really understand how podcasting is work.

But I know that our world is dominated by algorithms.

And yeah, I am.

I am learning how to be

a sustainable like long-term supporter of other people because if I paid someone for an interview one time and it's just that's just like a one-time paypal transaction it's good but right if we if I were to do something like sponsored cuddle party I think that's going to have a lot more return on investment and that just

I mean, if this industry was way more established, I would still be doing this.

If there were a ton of other professional cuddling podcasts, I would still be doing this.

But since other people aren't kind of get to be the first voice for the industry for a lot of people, which is a huge responsibility.

There's only so much control I have.

Like, I

I'm hoping since I am like the guinea pig that I'm blazing trails for the future and future people won't be asked the same three questions that I am constantly asked.

What are those?

Because I'm sure people listening probably are in the same boat.

Just look at my TikTok man.

So frequently the comment, I don't know what's in the air, but like for the past three weeks or something,

I've been getting a lot of TikTok comments that are like what do you what do professional cuddlers do when they fall in love with a client?

I've gotten this from numerous people and it's like and yes sometimes I make TikToks where it's like open-ended and I'm like send me your questions and so sure I'm like inviting this yeah but I've been refuting this again and again and again and again and it's always I'm assuming it's like brand new people to my page who are asking this question that I suppose yeah and so

It's a question that lacks self-reflection.

People gotta self-reflect.

They gotta think in their brains.

Why is this a question I want to ask?

Because a lot of people I feel like

are addicted to their phones and they don't really think before they hit send.

And so I think I have to be the first person in their lives to ask them, well why do you think this way?

And so I ask those faceless accounts, do you think you can cuddle someone you're not related to without falling in love with them?

And the answer is no.

If I was their like therapist or their life coach, I would keep the conversation going.

Like, have you even tried to have non romantic hugs with people?

But I am not getting paid to do that.

I use my TikTok to promote my podcast, there to redirect them to Spotify and Apple podcasts and Stitcher.

And so

Yes, I use my social media as a place to give free education.

But I got to get something back, right?

If you're not paying me for snuggles, at the very least, you can support me for free by listening to my podcast.

And if you're not going to do that, then, right?


That's non reciprocal.

So yeah, I've gotten people complaining to me and they're like, Oh, no, they're like, all the really popular international cuddle websites are banned in my country.

Woe is me.

And of course, I feel sorry for them because I want everyone to have their needs fulfilled.

But I'm only like, an average American.

I'm not some president or policymaker.

Like I can't

change the laws in their country.

Yes, I feel sorry for you, but what do you expect me to do?

Yeah, you can't do anything.


I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.


And so when I tell those people, hey, I hear you, but you gotta stop complaining in my mentions about laws that I have no control over.


And then they'll just migrate to a different social media profile I'll have and then like,

And then I'll complain in my DMs and be like, oh, woe is me.

Can't find a professional cuddler because all these websites are banned.

I'm like, I'm sorry, your needs are not getting met.

But this is, this is my business profile.

This is, this is my work, social media.

You're not here to listen to my podcast, which is absolutely free to do so.

I don't really want you to DM me.

Right exactly that's where people are blurring the lines of what they need and their personal thing with your business and it's your business and people are yeah you're right they're knocking on their knees Matt and that sucks but there's literally nothing you can do you know exactly so what are the other questions they ask you you said there's three okay three was just the first number that came to my mind okay i'm just telling you what has been happening yeah what's been happening seasonally because every single season i get asked like

The same three things like what do you do when you fall in love with a client?

What are you going to do about my country banning this cuddle website?

And last question.

I should like pull up my social media.

There you go.

Then you'll see it.

Oh gosh.

Oh gosh.

Oh gosh.


This is less of a question and more of people assuming that they know more than they actually do.

So I am not claiming to be a lawyer.

but if you were to speak to a lawyer and ask them what are the laws about professional cuddling they'll be like first and foremost most lawyers cannot agree on a definition of the word law much less the laws on professional cuddling so a short rundown a lot of lawyers debate if politicians are the law if judges are the law if the president is the law or prime minister if i said lawmakers judges police


Lawyers themselves cannot seem to agree on what the law is.

It's very arbitrary.

And so when people ask me what the laws are, or if they try to one-up me by telling me actually the law is this, you're going to tell me, a professional cuddler of five years, what the laws are when I'm assuming you're not a lawyer.

And also I'm assuming you're not a professional cuddler.


And I'm assuming you didn't even know professional cuddling existed until you found my page like five minutes ago.

And so what they're talking about you know.

One of the annoying comments I got the other day was something that is legal cannot be decriminalized.

They're basically saying laws cannot change and I'm like have you not studied the history of humanity?

Laws change.

I mean yes the laws have been around for a while but that doesn't mean anything yeah things change and so the context of the TikTok was me saying if you were to ask me what laws I would want for the cuddle industry I would prefer decriminalization over legalization and criminalization

Since there are no legislations, no policies that I know of pertaining to my industry, I just behave as if it's criminalized.

Other people were saying you shouldn't have to act as if it's criminal if there are no laws on it.

It just means there's no laws on it and I'm like

Having absolutely no legal representation means I have absolutely no legal protection.

So I'm going to behave as if it's criminalized.

And there's that one dopey person who is like, something that is legal right now cannot be decriminalized later.

I'm like, but it's not even legal now.

There are no laws saying that this industry is regulated.

We regulate ourselves.

The government does not regulate us.

And if you want to prove me wrong, you got to point me to the penal code and the statutes

and the clauses that state our industry is regulated by the government.

Exactly no such thing.

All the challenges of all these people that come at you and ask you questions.

I'm sure you probably also get the question of how far do you go?

What do you actually do?

Is it you know because some people may think it crosses over into sex in some ways you know like that's what a lot of people I'm sure their brains go right there.

And so a lot of people don't want to pay for

A woman's time if there's no orgasm involved like even with full service escorts

They're like, if she doesn't make me orgasm, she doesn't deserve any of my money.

And I'm like, buddy, buddy, it's I was listening to a sex podcast last night, and the episode was about orgasm less sex.

And it was three women talking about orgasm less sex.

And they were talking about how

a lot of people need to shift their consciousness it's possible to have enjoyable orgasm less sex and it's possible to have enjoyable orgasm less masturbation even and so if society shifts in that direction then I'm sure less and less people would be expecting

orgasms every time they pay a woman for her time and so I'm not trying to generalize all professional cuddlers as women I know that some of us are cis men some of us are non-binary but it is a very cis woman dominated industry and I think since it's a woman dominated industry with a mostly male clientele that's why we get a lot of questions that other industries like

Like I think massage therapy is a woman-dominated industry where most clientele are men.

If I'm wrong someone please correct me.

And so I know that a lot of massage therapists get asked do I get a happy ending with this?

And so I peruse massage therapist subreddits and like I've seen forum posts where it's like how should I answer when a customer requests a happy ending?

And then right so

I've read so many hilarious responses like, say you don't offer happy endings, but say you offer miserable, sad endings to announce that their dog died or something.

They have a sense of humor, and I have a sense of humor.

So despite not being the exactly same profession, I get a lot of value out of reading that.

I don't really get asked for happy endings.

It's literally just on TikTok.

where if I were to say oh I am sad that a client cancelled the appointment this week someone will chime in and say well that's probably because you don't offer happy endings which somehow does not go against TikTok's terms and conditions they're allowed to say that but there are so many things that just occur on the internet for my life like in my day-to-day life I don't have

Cuddle clients just falling in love with me and are unable to see me again because they have too strong of romantic feelings for me.

It's always people on the internet who make those assumptions.

It's always people on TikTok who don't really know what they're talking about who assume that if somebody were to cancel an appointment with me it's because I don't offer happy endings and in actuality it's because life happens and I don't know their car got totaled or whatever.


Shit happens.

Yeah, I can tell you that.

I think that people probably have the wrong perspective also because it's not very known as you said.

It's not known by a lot of people.

In fact, I hadn't heard of it until I met you either.

I didn't know that this was a professional role that could be out there for people.

And I think it's great though but I didn't know it existed either so I'm part of the people that didn't know so I can understand that perspective but you're doing a service getting the message out there to the world and hey this is what it is and this is what we do.

Yeah I'm glad that I'm your first exposure and that you did me in 2018 when I was bumbling around and had no idea what I was doing.

I am so glad

that I've gotten smarter.

I do wish I kept a journal.

When I was 19 and doing this for the first time, journaling is great.

I started journaling a little over a year ago.

And it's, it's good to have a diary.

Even if you're not taking post cuddle session notes on every single client, it's good to have a diary where you're just like, well, this week, these are the thoughts I had.

about cuddle therapy and last month this was my biggest concern and it's it's so humbling to read journal entries i wrote over a year ago and i'm like what i said was so poignant i am so proud of me i'm so proud of myself i don't even

I totally forgot.

I forgot I ever said that, but I am proud of myself for writing that down.

And I'm proud of myself for keeping that journal entry.

And I will probably bring it up the next time I get interviewed by somebody.

I think it's a great thing to do.

And you know what?

Someday that could be your outline to write a memoir about it.

If you ever have the aspiration to write a book about it, you have an outline and a template to write about.

You just follow along.

Your journal is fantastic.


I, I haven't really focused on writing a book this year.

I say this every single year, I'm gonna finish my manuscript by the end of this year.

But this summer, I've been hardcore focusing on interviewing other cuddle therapists.

And it's, it's

It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest because back in 2019 I knew I would have to eventually interview other professional cuddlers for my podcast.

But I was too scared and now I'm no longer scared and yeah I've been rejected by some people but for every person who rejects me I'm gonna find a cuddle therapist who agrees and that's the mantra I have with cuddle clients for every single person who ghosts me

Okay maybe not every single person who goes to me but for like every five people who goes to me I'll find at least one client who actually meets me in person and I'll eventually forget about every single person who rejects me unless I write it down in my journal.

Yeah yeah I it's a bit controversial but I have ranting publicly online about

people who refuse to let me speak on their podcast.

And I'm like, why do you think I'm not good enough?

And, you know, I would ask my boyfriend for emotional support.

And he'll be like, Okay, I think this is why you're not the target demographic.

And I'm like, Okay, I get you.

But my feelings are still there.

Oh, yeah, like, I consciously know the reason.

But that feeling is still there.

And oh, for sure.

It's just

I think I'm a super interesting person.


And it's it's tough because so many people in this is in regards to the podcasting side of my life, the cuddling side of my life, the sex work side of my life.

So many of the people interviewing those individuals have like no affiliation.

And so they tend to ask

the same damn questions and it is

It's a lot to ask a potential interviewer, hey can you just listen to all the other interviews I've done so you don't end up asking the same damn questions.

Yeah like that's too hard.

There's only so much time in the day but also I don't really get asked by interviewers what questions do you want me to ask you and when I meet up with my friend Jessica today she and I were gonna do an Instagram live stream

Instead of me interviewing her, because I've already done that for my podcast, she's going to interview me.

And she doesn't really have experience interviewing people in general.

And so she asked me to send her a list of questions.

And I'm like, this is why you're my best friend.

And Hey, you can even answer some here if you want.

I'm totally open to that.

Oh, okay.

Talk about any of those.

I think that's a fantastic idea.

Jessica just texted me.


Why haven't you interviewed insert person here yet?

So there's a bajillion reasons why I may not have interviewed a particular professional cuddler on my podcast.

It could be that I have emailed them and they just never responded.

It could be that I emailed them and they said, sorry, I do not have the time.

I'm completely swamped.

I may have already reached out to them and they said, sorry, I just

I'm like trying to be under the radar I don't want everyone to know about this side of my life it could be I've literally never heard of them before that's why I've never contacted them there's a myriad of reasons why I haven't interviewed a specific person but people are welcome to recommend cuddle therapists to me I may not

Let them know okay today I emailed them also on this day they emailed back and on this day I sent the calendar link like too many details you gotta be patient and so that is why I haven't interviewed insert person here yet right

Oh, I have I have several questions about geography.

Because despite living in the US my entire life, I'm still learning geographic terms.

Like, I was recently in Vegas, two days ago I was in Vegas and my friend and I had a debate with Uber driver as to whether Nevada is considered Southwest or West Coast.

My friend is from Arizona.

Very Southwest.

And I was saying, well, Nevada doesn't touch the Pacific Ocean.

So I don't consider it a West Coast state.

Nevada is mostly desert.


But he was not having it.

And I, 24 years of age, came across the term Mid-Atlantic.

I thought

that i thought new england and the mid-atlantic i thought they were all just new england like i would consider new york new england yes and i am someone who prides myself as a being as a as a very like history and geography oriented person but i have several questions like if i were to tour the midwest where would i go if i were to tour the mid-atlantic where would i go and if you work any job

Where you're selling your time, you probably get a lot of DMs on social media that's like, when are you coming to Australia?

When are you coming to New Zealand?

When are you coming to Brazil?

And it's very entitled.

What do you mean when?

That costs you money.

Like I have a passport, but I still gotta spend thousands and thousands of dollars.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

And like, there's so many wildfires happening right now.

There's wildfires happening in Canada.

I just, I just heard.

And, you know, there are heat waves there.

There's so many natural disasters going on.

And so I have to research that before I go to a place.

Like don't come to Hawaii right now.

Do not go to Oahu.

Do not go.

And so my boyfriend and I were recently talking because I went to Toronto earlier, July.

He was like, do you look up CDC guidelines before you travel internationally?

And I'm like, I know, right?


And he's like, I didn't think of that either.


I mean, wear my mask and I'm vaccinated.

So yay, but I still should have checked the CDC guidelines for Canada before I went.

And so he was like, yeah, when I went to Japan for the first time, one of my buddies told me that I should look up what vaccines to get before I travel too.


a country that's not the U.S.

and I'm like yeah that's probably a very smart thing to do.

So there's that I have to also factor in there are so many things that need to be considered when I tour and so I only do Fly Me to Yous and I only tour within the U.S.

because it's hard enough to arrange a tour in your home country.

Right so you have done this you've gone to different parts of the country to do your your cuddle work?

Yeah I've oh well last October a friend and I went to Disneyland and I was not planning on cuddling any clients there I was like this is the best friend

This is the best friends video and I'm here to have a good time at Disneyland.

And then of course the last day we were there, you know, we check out of the Airbnb, but there was still a bit of time between us checking out and us needing to go to the airport.

And so my friend was like, okay, I'm going to visit one of my buddies who's in the Santa Ana area.

And I was like, okay, I'll just chill out.

And then of course I get contacted by a cuddle client.

in Los Angeles area and I'm like I don't know I'm like on the fence I mean he says he wants to see me for three hours so you know he got money and yes but it's also like should I just I did a lot of walking in Disneyland I was like oh my god yes I get it I kid you not the first day we were at Disneyland we were there for 13 hours

It's a long time on your feet.

We were not on steroids but you would think since we were there for 13 hours we were on steroids.

Mega day yeah.

I was like you know what I don't have anything else to do before.

Might as well make some money.

I need to go to the airport so yeah to make some money and so that person ended up becoming a regular.

He now books at least one overnight appointment with me every single month.

Oh wow.

When I do an overnight, we usually meet up at a restaurant, we eat dinner, and then we congregate wherever we're sleeping.


So then does the client pay for you to get there or do you have to pay that yourself?

Your travel time, or travel, however you get there?

Oh, we've never done overnight in Southern California.

It's always in my home territory.

Gotcha, so you're not traveling far.

Okay, got it.

That's nice though.

So then do you get paid by the hour when you do that when it's overnight?

Because that'd be a bit.

Oh, that's it.

I charge a flat fee.

Yeah, okay.

Hourly is for short appointments.

So it's probably more of a discount when they do overnight because instead of actually paying hourly, I haven't actually done the math.

Okay, gotcha.

But I charge over $1,000.

Okay, got it.

That's so nice.

What a great, I bet you love when you get those because that's a big chunk, you know, like, yeah, he is totally down to get a hotel room for us.


pay for Uber rides from the restaurant to where we're sleeping.

But lately, I have been renting a lot of Airbnbs for him and I. With Airbnbs, I really get to indulge on my personality.

Like, you can be indulgent with hotel rooms, don't get me wrong.

But we all look the same, whether it's Hyatt or Harding and

With Airbnbs, it's like, I'm not the kind of person who just gets a bland Airbnb with all white walls and all white beds.

Because if I wanted to stay in a hotel, I would stay in a hotel.

But yes, I want to get that full experience.

And so it is a home basically, like, right?

It's kind of a home.


And one of the questions my rent has asked me, what does your ideal home look like?

And I'm like, I don't know, man, every single Airbnb I stay in, I'm like,

This is what I want my home to look like.

For example, in June, I got this super eclectic, super colorful Airbnb and it had a balcony on the second floor and the view was immaculate.

It was so beautiful.

It's not like you're looking at a bunch of other suburban houses roofs.

That's not the kind of view I want.

And so that was absolutely gorgeous.

And I recently

Okay I found this on Airbnb but they call themselves a boutique hotel.

I love having a good boutique hotel and this Airbnb had a lobby area and so basically the first floor was just a bunch of fancy furniture oh my gosh.

And then up the stairs and then there's the door to my room because there's about six living quarters in the Airbnb.

So I got the highest room, the house, it was this tall Victorian house.

It's dubbed the Historic Hensley House because this one mayor from like the 1800s used to live in there and his last name was Hensley.

So this Airbnb had character because it has been around for quite some time.

It does not look you know 250 years old.

It looks nice.

It's pretty good.

Yeah they fixed it up.

Maintained it.

But it had that history to it.

That's fun.

It had like

furniture that made me think of the Palace of Versailles and it's like all of these Airbnbs that I'm choosing are so different but they're also like welcoming and that's one of the things I think my clients like about is that I pick Airbnbs that just are just they make you feel good to be in.

When I started out when I was like 20 years old and I was

completely new to Airbnb I would literally pick the cheapest possible thing I would find like a specific room within somebody's house so it's like $45 a night and you know you would hear other people in the house and the walls are thin and it's just yes you can't go to the bathroom without having to say hi to the landlord it

It was not good.

Okay, 20-year-old me made mistakes.

20-year-old me did not have the money I have today so I can afford Airbnbs that are more than just 45 bucks a night and so honestly I'm just sometimes I'm like wow people in the past actually paid me for that but I've gotten better.

So you do you actually rent the Airbnb and then they pay you for your time or do they actually pay for the Airbnb?

Like how do you work that out as a business model?

I am very lucky to live in an area with so many Airbnb options, which is a blessing and a curse because that means landlords are greedy and they're buying our property and they're hoarding it.

But one of the ways I say like fck you to the parasitic landlords is I rent out their Airbnb and I make money off of that and I make more money than they do.

That's how I say fck you to the landlords because landlords are discriminatory.

I don't think it's an actual job and if it was a job then they would be spending a majority of their work hours rejecting people as opposed to actually

So you get to spend time with your client and you cuddle and you hang out and basically kind of be like a companion with them right?

Yeah it's interesting that you said companion because when people hear companion they think about dates and some professional cuddlers don't like saying they go on dates with clients and I'm like

A typical date in America is going to a restaurant.

So many of my clients have taken me to a restaurant and then we eat a nice meal and we enjoy each other's company.

And they pay for it.

I don't pay for the bill.

I'm the lady.

It's a date.

And a lot of people are able to separate, you know, their romantic lives from

their life that is shared with a professional cuddler.

A lot of them are capable of that.

They're capable of doing that, right.

I get it.

Some people can, some people can't.

I think that's probably what the deal is, but if they can, then they can do that and it's mutually good for you and for them.

Very, very intriguing.

Is there anything else you want to talk about?

I mean we've talked all about your business and how you do the podcast and we've talked about your erotica writing.

Is there anything else you wanted to touch on or talk about?

Um I don't know when this I don't know when this episode will be released but there is a good chance that by the time this does get released I will have announced a bunch of

A bunch of tour dates because I am going all out for September and October.

I am so excited for fall.

I've been having a wonderful summer.

I'm gonna go to Santa Cruz this Saturday and have a bunch of fun with friends at the beach but I am also so stoked for autumn.

I normally don't plan more than one tour at a time but right now I got a Google Doc open and I'm gonna organize everything and

Got to stay organized especially if you're me and you're going to start offering dual cuddles meaning you've got to coordinate with another cuddler's time and a client's time.

So I got I got so many exciting things to work coming up like dual cuddles.

I just rented

or I just made a reservation for a Halloween type Airbnb and so I've never even seen the movie Beetlejuice I really gotta watch it but like the kitchen is Beetlejuice themed and there's like a bedroom that's like Cabin in the Woods themed oh it's fantastic there are so many Airbnbs in the San Francisco Bay Area and so I am so excited to just take a bunch of photos in that

in October because I got a really good deal.

I mean there is there's a lot of Airbnbs where

If you get it on Friday, Saturday it's like $200 a night but for the past couple of months I've been posting in I've been having in calls from Sunday, Tuesday so it's you know cheaper on my end but I've been getting a decent amount of clientele from Sunday to Tuesday and so I I think that a lot of my clients are going to be like thrilled to snuggle me in

and Spooky for October!

Haunted Mansion themed because most people, maybe I shouldn't say most people, but a lot of cool people their favorite ride at Disneyland is the Haunted Mansion.

Oh yeah it's an awesome ride.

Don't think it's in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It's probably somewhere more like Los Angeles or Miami something like that.

Okay sure.

Oh well.

That's cool though.

Maybe that's a thing that'll start happening.

That's pretty cool.

I just saw on Instagram that someone created a Airbnb for like BDSM rooms which is like just fascinating.

A kink B&B.

I mean it's just really interesting they have all these different rooms and the rooms some of the rooms have sex furniture some of them have kinky stuff it's really really quite an interesting idea I think.

Very cool but yes well thank you so much.

Is there anything else you want to mention?

We should probably have you mention where people can find you, which social media platforms you're on in the name of your podcast again, and where they can find that.

Okay my name is Felicity Azura.

I am the host of Pro Cuddle Hustle podcast and I am the only host of that podcast.

I have a Patreon it's patreon.com

Felicity Azura.

I make 95% of my Patreon posts completely free to the public.

But if you would like to monetarily support me, I have like 15 different tiers

Ranging anywhere from $1 a month to $150 a month.

So you got a lot of options.

And if you would like to interview me for your podcast, my email address is felicityazura at gmail.com.

If you want me to interview you, same email.

I am on pretty much every social media platform, but I would say I am most active on Instagram and TikTok.

Most professional cuddlers,

Aren't active on Twitter and Facebook.

There are there's some but very few of them are active.

And so I like to go where I'm going to get the most engagement and I am on YouTube.

I am in the process of hiring a freelancer to control my YouTube channel because it's difficult having to

find people to interview then edit the audio and do social media like it's it's nice to outsource some labor and have someone else take care of the YouTube channel for sure and if you're a freelancer who wants to help me out you can contact me at felicityazura at gmail.com I do not have a website for my podcast yet but

That is one of my many, many, many side projects.

Which apps can people find your podcast on?

I was just getting, I was just getting there.

So I would absolutely love if you were to rate and review Pro Cuddle Hustle on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I believe those are the most popular podcasting apps and with

Spotify I don't know if reviews are public but on Apple podcasts anyone can read other people's testimonials and so far Pro Cuddle Hustle has had you know star ratings on Apple but no one has left a worded response and I'm also on Good Pods which is an app

for podcasters to network with each other and so I've left positive reviews for a lot of the podcasts that have interviewed me so also please listen to more episodes of Ruan's podcast and

That's all I've got to say.


I have one question though.

Do you have different handle names for the different platforms or do you have one that you most commonly use?

Like what are you called on like Instagram, your handle?

That is a very, very good question.

I almost forgot.

On TikTok, I am Cuddle Felicity, but on YouTube, I'm Magnolia Flowers and that's a zero instead of an O for Magnolia.

And I'm Pro Cuddle Hustle everywhere else, like Linktree, Facebook,

Ruan Willow

on every platform and you will be directed to me so don't be discouraged like I use my YouTube for my podcast but I also use it to upload dance films okay I direct they're good watch my dance films I invest like dozens of dollars into it nice so your dance films are also on YouTube okay just taking some notes so I can write about you in my my show notes YouTube dance videos also


Professional dancer and a filmmaker.

I didn't really get into that, but I am.

Yeah, so it's good to mention that for sure.

Well, thank you so much.

This has been really fun.

I love learning about what you do and what you offer to people.

It's an interesting profession that a lot of people don't know about.

So thank you for coming and sharing and it's been a great chat.

Thank you so much.

Oh Fck Yeah!

Oh Fck Yeah!

That's right!

You have an awesome day!

Bye bye!

Okay, thank you for listening to that.

You can connect with Felicity at TikTok Cuddle Felicity, YouTube Magnolia Flowers, and other places Pro Cuddle Hustle, as she said.

And she has tour dates coming up, a very intriguing thing.

I love the whole Airbnbs that are themed

I mean, how fun is that?

Gosh, that's so much fun.

So check out all of my books, my erotic books and my erotic audiobooks at the link down the podcast show notes.

I also have an exclusive level to this podcast.

If you would like to join for $3 a month, you can get all those episodes that have the little lock on them.

And you can join for three dollars a month or more if you choose to support me.

So thank you so much to all the people that already do this support me and the people who are going to.

It really helps me continue to create this podcast and I really really appreciate her support so much.

So thank you!

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