Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow

Sex Positive Talk with the Sexuality Podcasters of the Full Swap Radio Internet Radio Station

September 23, 2022 Ruan Willow Season 2 Episode 193
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow
Sex Positive Talk with the Sexuality Podcasters of the Full Swap Radio Internet Radio Station
Oh F*ck Yeah with Ruan Willow +
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Show Notes

Ep 193: Sex Positive Talk with the Sexuality Podcasters of the Full Swap Radio Internet Radio Station. Hey everyone! I have three epic sexuality podcasts to introduce you to! They are a part of the Full Swap Radio Internet Radio station network and family! I had so much fun chatting with all of these people! You will love the clips and then slip and slide on over to hear the full episode of each (links below).

Who are they? Dear Nikky, Layla London of The Curious Girl Diaries, and the husband and wife team of Kyle and Lilly Canon at The Speak Seductively Podcasts. They are all fantastic and amazing, stupendous, and sexy hot as fck content creators! We are all on the internet radio station Full Swap Radio at https://fullswapradio.com/

Listen to their full episodes here:

Ep 154: Real People Sex Confessions, A Sexy Chat with Podcaster Dear Nikky.
Everyone this is an epic interview with the amazing podcaster Dear Nikky,  who not only hosts a very popular amazing award-winning real people sex confessions podcast & she's also a US and International best-selling author, but also she's a kickass awesome sexy babe as well! https://ohfckyeahwithruanwillow.buzzsprout.com/1599808/10733170-ep-154-sex-confessions-a-sexy-chat-with-podcaster-dear-nikky

Ep 187: Two Female Podcasters Talk About Sex, Layla London of The Curious Girl Diaries & Ruan Willow.
Layla is open about sexuality as I am so our chat went all over the topics of sexuality including women's sexuality, sex exploration, sex toys, the value of changing sexual positions with a partner and in solo play, and the different types of orgasms we've both experienced. Layla gives insight into sexual relations and masturbation in how to get out of your sexual rut and stave off the boringness of sex. She shares personal info about her sex life and what she thinks is the best lesson she's learned. https://ohfckyeahwithruanwillow.buzzsprout.com/1599808/11271006-two-female-podcasters-talk-about-sex-layla-london-of-the-curious-girl-diaries-ruan-willow

Ep 75: BDSM Erotica Excerpt, the Swinging Lifestyle, & Erotica Author Interview with Kyle Canon,  and Voiceover Narrator Lilly Canon. An amazing episode! Listen as I interview this awesome sex-positive poly couple who work very well together as a team for creating content and running their podcast Speak Seductively

About Ruan To connect with podcast host Ruan Willow, visit here: https://linktr.ee/RuanWillow
Anthology novel Decadent Erotica with 10 erotica stories: https://storyoriginapp.com/universalbooklinks/f96fc8e4-338f-11ed-9399-3b82020d795f
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